May 2012

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Canadian CED Network News

A CED response to the 2012 Manitoba Budget

On April 17th, community organizations gathered at the Manitoba Legislature to hear the provincial government unveil its 2012 budget. CCEDNet staff and members were on hand to comment on the Province’s plans to support community initiatives that address the root causes of poverty, crime, and community decline.

In response to the Budget, CCEDNet-Manitoba wrote a brief commentary, which calls on the government to invest in long-term, community-driven solutions to the underlying causes of community challenges. The article also highlights how the Budget will impact our member-adopted policy resolutions on housing, community-led initiatives, social enterprise development and poverty reduction. 

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In addition, thanks to CCEDNet’s presence at the Legislature, our Regional Coordinator, Brendan Reimer was quoted in a Canadian Press article on the Budget. The article was run by CBC News, Global News, the Huffington Post and other media outlets.

>> Read Brendan’s comments in the Canadian Press article

CCEDNet - Manitoba Members Spring into Action at Member Meeting

The 2012 Spring Member Meeting was a great success! CCEDNet staff were hoping for an in-depth and wide-ranging discussion with lots of feedback from members, and they got their wish. Facilitator Patrick Falconer led us through a visioning activity that included reports from the Manitoba staff on CCEDNet activities, broken down into 7 strategies. Members rated and commented on the strategies they thought were most important for reaching the goal set out at last year’s Spring Member Meeting -- to create stronger, fairer, and more sustainable communities.

After a yummy break from Ellice Café, members dug into the top rated strategies in groups that then reported back to everyone. A delicious lunch from Diversity Foods rounded out the morning. Expect a report outlining all the feedback and recommendations at the end of May. See you at the next member-wide meeting in the fall, the 2012 Policy Summit!

Community Economies and Jobs to Suffer with Federal Cuts to Co-operative Development

Earlier last month, the federal government announced the termination of the Co-operative Development Initiative along with drastic cuts to the Rural and Co-operatives Secretariat. In response, CCEDNet prepared a brief commentary, highlighting the significant impacts that these decisions will have on the development of new co-operative businesses, jobs, and services for communities throughout Canada. These cuts will ultimately result in a negative economic impact that will surely outweigh the short-term 'savings.' CCEDNet's response calls on the government to reverse their decision, for the sake of Canada's economy and communities.

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The Impact of International Trade Agreements on Impact Purchasing Policies

Canada and the European Union are in the process of negotiating a Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA). This agreement would eliminate most tariffs between Canada and the EU and change some non-trade related government policies such as those related to labour, health, farming, public safety, and environmental rules and regulations.

If achieved, CETA could significantly reduce or even eliminate provincial and municipal purchasing policies that encourage local development, or set performance requirements obliging foreign suppliers to purchase locally, train local workers, or reinvest a portion of profits into local communities.

>> Click here to read CCEDNet’s full commentary on CETA

School's in Session: Highlights from our Public Policy Workshop

Over 45 people participated in a full day workshop on how to influence public policy on April 25th 2012. How the System Works and How to Work the System: A Primer on Influencing Public Policy was hosted by CCEDNet-Manitoba, the Winnipeg Foundation, and the United way of Winnipeg.

In this workshop, participants learned how to organize their time, resources and issue management to effectively influence decisions of government. This highly interactive session provided participants with tools to get them started - or help them re-think their current approach. Facilitator Sean Moore, of the Advocacy School, was joined by local experts who shared their knowledge and experiences. Themes included: how the "system" works - key features of political and government decision-making; how to work the system - practical tips to maximize effectiveness; reasons why organizations fail in their advocacy; and how bad things happen to good ideas.

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Meet Our Members

Winnipeg Poverty Reduction Council

The WPRC has established a strong foundation by developing governing documents, learning about poverty in Winnipeg, finding out how other communities are addressing poverty, engaging with community stakeholders, listening to poverty experts from various perspectives, reviewing current research, and working on a Framework for Action to guide the WPRC’s work.

>> Visit their website

Louise Community Development Corporation

Louise Community Development Corporation works to strengthen and diversify the local economy through the development and implementation of proactive economic development strategies, while simultaneously marketing our communities a great place to live, work and invest in.

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Manitoba CED News

Winnipeg Worker Co-op Video Series Premiere

The Winnipeg Worker Co-op Video Series features seven co-ops, their members and their reasons for choosing this model to explore and promote workplace democracy.
What are the joys and challenges of being a worker/owner? How were they let down by traditional workplace structures? How can this alternative business ownership model change the world? Videos include Organic Planet, Natural Cycle Courier, Mondragon, ANAK, Ram Wools, Urban Eatin’ and Enviro-Safe Cleaning.

The Video Series will be held on May 20 at the Park Theatre. $10 tickets available at Mondragon, Organic Planet and

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Food News in Manitoba

Stay connected to the food security community in Manitoba with two great newsletters from Food Matters Manitoba and the Manitoba Alternative Food Research Alliance (both are CCEDNet members). These organizations each publish monthly e-newsletters that will keep you in the loop on all events and news from the food scene in Winnipeg and beyond.

The front-page story in FMM’s recent newsletter highlights the Dig-In Challenge, which is helping to educated Manitobans about the importance and convenience of eating locally and healthy. Meanwhile, the cover story of MAFRA's Local & Just newsletter profiles twelve urban, rural and northern community food projects that the Alliance helped fund in the past year. Happy reading!

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Lights, Camera, Credit Unions

Manitoba's credit unions have launched a video contest aimed at raising public awareness of credit unions and the International Year of Co-operatives. The contest, organized by Credit Union Central of Manitoba and called "My Manitoba Community," celebrates both IYC and the 75th anniversary of financial co-operatives in Manitoba. Participants are asked to post a video of any length on YouTube defining what "My Manitoba Community" means to them and send the link to

Three winners will be selected to win an iPad, with two $100 prizes being awarded to participants who enter the contest before midnight on May 31. The final deadline for submitting videos is July 31.

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(Source: CCA Co-operative News Brief)

Grand Opening of the Social Enterprise Centre

Come celebrate the official grand opening of Winnipeg's Social Enterprise Centre. The Social Enterprise Centre is an innovative hub for local social enterprises, formed and operated by the three social enterprise partners, including BUILD, Manitoba Green Retrofit, and Pollock’s Hardware Cooperative. 

The Centre is also home to several non-profit organizations, including our CCEDNet - Manitoba office. Stop by for a visit and learn more about our work!

This event is taking place on May 24 at 765 Main St. The grand opening will start at 10:30am, with an open house event taking place from 11am-2pm.

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Another Record Year for the Co-operative Development Fund

According to the Manitoba Co-operative Association, 2011 was another successful year for the growing Cooperative Development Tax Credit fund. Last year, Manitoba co-operatives contributed $87,500 toward the fund, which represents an increase of 20% in contributions from 2010. The contributions will be used in part to provide small grants to new or expanding Manitoba cooperatives in 2012.

The Fund is already having real impacts in Manitoban communities by supporting alternative energy co-ops Elton Energy, DeSalaberry and St. Claude, worker co-ops such as Mondragon, Natural Cycle and ParIt, and housing co-ops such as Village Canadien and Columbus Centennial.

>> To find out how you can support the fund, please contact Cheryl at the MCA office at (204) 989-0096 or by email at

Merchants Hotel to Become Community Hub

The historic Merchants Hotel on Selkirk Avenue will be the target of a comprehensive redevelopment project, thanks to a community-based coalition of North End organizations. The coalition, led by the North End Community Renewal Corporation (a CCEDNet member), will help repurpose the structure into an inter-generational, multi-use facility and community hub. The community envisions a vibrant mixed-use neighbourhood resource that will blend new housing, educational opportunities and commercial enterprise.

Congratulations to all organizations and community members involved for all of your hard work and inspiring collaboration!

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CED Tool

Lighting the Road to Success: A Handbook for Non-Profit Executive Directors

This Orientation Manual, written by Heather Block and Suhad Bisharat, has been developed to make Executive Directors' jobs easier and to give them a guide to the many priorities and tasks of the position. The authors have included background information, suggestions, checklists, and charts that readers can use. The manual has been written so that Executive Directors can easily find the resources that they need, when they need them.

The manual is divided into five sections: 1) Running an Organization  2) Finances 3) Programming 4) Board of Directors and 5) Human Resources.

>> Download the Handbook

National CED News

Three New eBooks from the Canadian Social Economy Hub

The Canadian Social Economy Hub has produced three final publications building on the results of their national, 6-year research program. The publications are available to download on CCEDNet's website. Epub versions of the publications will be coming soon. You can also order printed copies from the University of Victoria bookstore. Follow the links below to learn more about each publication:

Registration now open for the CCA/CCCM Congress!

This year's joint national Congress between the Canadian Co-operative Association (CCA) and the Conseil canadien de la coopération et de la mutualité (CCCM) will center around the theme of the International Year of Co-operatives, Co-operative Enterprises Build a Better World.

The 2012 Congress will take place from June 27-29 in Montreal. The event provides a unique opportunity to share best practices and exchange information across Canada's co-op sector through the objectives of raising awareness of the co-op model and building capacity for the co-op community.

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Tipping the Scales: Canadians with Disabilities and the Right to Work

Hundreds of service providers, professionals and community members will be heading to Winnipeg in June for the 17th Annual National Supported Employment Conference. The theme of this year's event is: Tipping the Scales: Canadians with Disabilities and the Right to Work.
Each year, the Conference provides an excellent opportunity for all stakeholders and interested community members to engage in meaningful dialogue, experience valuable exchanges of learning, provide mentoring, and collectively develop gateways to establishing national best practices.

>> Learn more

Discover the Co-op Difference

Discover the Co-operative Difference is an online orientation program developed by the Canadian Co-operative Association, and is designed to teach users about the size, scope and impact of co-operatives and credit unions in Canada and around the world. The program is designed to It is an easy-to-use resource that teaches users about virtually every aspect of the Canadian co-operative movement.

The program also features an interactive "Co-op Main Street" where users can pay virtual visits to a variety of real-life co-operatives and credit unions, as well as links to information about co-operatives in Canada.

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A Plan, Not a Dream How to End Homelessness in 10 Years

The Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness has been formed to build a national movement to end homelessness from the community up. To kick-off their campaign, the Alliance has recently released a 10-year plan, which maps out how Canadian communities can end homelessness in a decade or less by prioritizing community needs, galvanizing local action, and creating innovative partnerships. The report provides a comprehensive, practical, community-based approach that shifts the focus from managing homelessness to a system that addresses the root causes of Canada's housing crisis.

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