Aboriginal Business Law & Policies

CANDO (Council for the Advancement of Native Development Officers)

Year: 2014

This is part of the Cando Guidebook Series relating to the competencies of the Cando Certification Process. Valuable tools to help Aboriginal Economic Development Officers in their day-to-day work!

Other guidebooks in the series include:

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Table of Contents:

Section One   Goals And Limitations Of This Guidebook
Section Two   Introduction To Law and Its Relationship To CED
Section Three   Canada’s Legal System
Module 1   Purposes of the Legal system
Module 2   Sources of Law
Module 3   Precedent and the Court System
Module 4   The Process of Civil Litigation
Module 5   Defences to Legal Action
Section Four   Financing Business on a Reserve
Module 6   Land Claims and Treaty Rights
Module 7   The Indian Act
Module 8   Surrendered, Designated and Locatee Lands
Development Tool   Where Will Your Business be Situated?
Module 9   Powers of Council Indian Act Sections 81 & 83
Module 10   Provincial Law Indian Act Section 88
Module 11   What is a Creditor and a Debtor?
Development Tool   Financing Your Business – Necessary Steps
Module 12   Conditional Sales
Module 13   Mortgages and Mortgage Remedies
Development Tool   Lands / Equipment / Inventory
Module 14   Liens
Section Five   Business Organizations
Module 15   Business Organization Models
Development Tool   Proprietorship / Partnership Checklist
Module 16   Corporations
Development Tool   Corporations
Section Six   Unique Business Models
Module 17   Other Business Organization Models
Section Seven   Contracts
Module 18   Aspects of Contracts
Development Tool   Contracts
Development Tool   Employment
Development Tool   Insurance
Section Eight   Taxation & Statutory Regulations
Module 19   Compliance
Development Tool   Taxation and Band and Community Councils
Development Tool   Law
Section Nine   Other Business Liabilities
Module 20   General Liability
Module 21   Nuisance
Module 22   Professional Advisors
Module 23   Professional Liability
Development Tool   Professional Advisors
Development Tool   Plans / Charts