Business Vitality Index

Community Futures Development Corporation of Central Kootenay,


The Business Vitality Index (BVI) is a tool to assist communities to make themselves more business friendly and to improve their entrepreneurial capacity. The Index involves a two phase process ­ assessment and then analysis and action ­ that communities may undertake to begin community and economic revitalization. The process brings together business people, community leaders and community groups to utilize over 100 indicators affecting business and to draw comparisons with other communities. Findings of the process are presented back to the community so they can undertake priority setting and take action. The Community Futures website provides detailed information about undertaking a BVI including a full description of the process, sample results, FAQ, a slideshow and a Power Point Presentation. Communities that are interested in participating in a Business Vitality Index will require a local sponsoring organization that is committed to the process and follow-up. Community Futures screens communities and (for a fee) will administer the BVI and provide reports for the community.