Community Economic Development Philosophy & Theory

Cando (Council for the Advancement of Native Development Officers)

Year: 2014

This is part of the Cando Guidebook Series relating to the competencies of the Cando Certification Process. Valuable tools to help Aboriginal Economic Development Officers in their day-to-day work!

Other guidebooks in the series include:

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Table of Contents:

Section One
  What Is CED Philosophy and Theory?
Module 1   What Is Community Development And How Is It Different From CED?
Module 2   What Is Economic Development And How Is It Different From CED?
Module 3   What Is CED?
Module 4   History Of CED
Module 5   Why Is It Important To Know CED Theory?
Module 6   History Of Aboriginal CED And Diversity In Cultures
Development Tool   Successful Initiatives
Module 7   Differing Definitions – Are There Different Views On CED?
Development Tool   Definition Of CED
Section Two   CED In More Detail
Module 8   Principles, Values And Beliefs Of CED
Development Tool   Checklist For Community Projects, Programs or Initiatives
Development Tool   Projects In Your Community
Module 9   What Is Needed to Be Successful In CED?
Module 10   Development Goals & Community Ownership
Development Tool   Development Goals
Section Three   Further CED Concepts
Module 11   CED In Your Community – A Checklist
Module 12   Multiple Bottom Line
Module 13   Community Capacity Building
Development Tool   Outcomes
Module 14   Social Capital
Development Tool   Not Enough Social Capital
Module 15   Entrepreneurship And Community Entrepreneurship
Module 16   Community Learning
Module 17   Appropriate Technology
Module 18   Sustainable Development And Ecological Perspectives
Module 19   Community Health, Well-Being, Stability And Vitality
Module 20   Employment And Income
Section Four   Power And Community
Module 21   Defining Power
Module 22   Power Relationships Within Communities
Section Five   Models Of CED
Module 23   Self-Reliance Model
Development Tool    Self-Reliance
Module 24   Technical Assistance Model
Development Tool   Key Skills
Module 25   Conflict Model
Module 26   Partnership Model
Section Six   CED Tools And Processes
Module 27   Community Profile – Getting Information In The Community
Module 28   Community Assessment
Module 29   Municipal Planning
Module 30   Asset Mapping
Development Tool   Community Assets
Module 31   Strategic Planning
Development Tool   Quick Inventory Of Community Strengths
Section sept   Other Issues And Challenges In CED
Module 32   Why Does CED Take Time – Isn’t There A Faster Process?
Module 33   Ethics Of CED Practice
Module 34   Other Challenges To CED