Community Economic Development Practice

Cando (Council for the Advancement of Native Development Officers)

Year: 2014

This is part of the Cando Guidebook Series relating to the competencies of the Cando Certification Process. Valuable tools to help Aboriginal Economic Development Officers in their day-to-day work!

Other guidebooks in the series include:

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Table of Contents:

Section One   What Is Community Economic Development Practice?
Module 1   Capacity Building And Self Reliance
Development Tool   Self-reliance Of Your Community
Section Two   Community Development Planning Process
Module 2   What Is Planning?
Module 3   Community Development As Planned Change And How It Relates To Aboriginal CED
Development Tool   How To Plan
Section Three   Linking Economic And Social Objectives
Module 4   How They Relate To CED?
Module 5   Generating Local Wealth And Employment
Development Tool   Value Added To Business In Your Community
Development Tool   Export Businesses
Module 6   Support The Creation Of New Business
Development Tool   Services and Resources In Your Community
Development Tool   Entrepreneurial Qualities
Module 7   Key Support For Small Business And Entrepreneurs
Module 8   Innovation And The Knowledge Economy
Module 9   Challenges To Business Start-Up
Module 10   Support For Aboriginal Business
Module 11   Entrepreneurial Inventiveness And Creativity
Section Four   Strengthening The Local Economy
Module 12   Organizations Types
Section Five   Creating Financial Capacity
Module 13   Direct Equity Investment In Business Venture
Module 14   Peer Lending
Module 15   Government Loan Programs For CED And Private Financing Sources
Section Six   Self-Reliance
Module 16   Circulating Money
Development Tool   Prosperous Communities
Module 17   Import Substitution
Development Tool   Imported Services
Module 18   Buy-Local Campaigns
Module 19   Alternative Models – Local Currencies, Barter Systems