Excellence in Leadership: Developing a Community Of Leaders Online

Saskatchewan Council for Community Development


With the intention of facilitating access to training and resources for rural people, the Saskatchewan Council for Community Development (SCCD) developed Excellence in Leadership, an online program for training in community leadership. The program, divided into 11 modules, was specifically designed for rural residents and includes practical exercises that provide an opportunity to practice skills in day-to-day activities. Case studies are used to explore of how other have used leadership skills to tackle community challenges. Participants must register and pay for each module of the course. Through the program, participants have the opportunity to participate in a virtual community dialogue on leadership issues that can then be applied to whatever module is being completed. The modules include: Embracing Diversity, Creating Healthy Communities, Visioning, Communications, Managing Conflict, Decision Making, Gaining Consensus, Involving Others, Building Strategic Alliances, Organizing Effectively and Obtaining Financial Support