Carinna Rosales

SEED Winnipeg

Workshop lead: Microlending as a CED tool

Carinna is Co-Director at SEED Winnipeg- a community economic development organization established to reduce poverty in Winnipeg. She has played a lead role in developing the Business Enterprise Support and Training (BEST) program and has worked with various community partners to customize the program for specific audiences such as youth, newcomer and Indigenous entrepreneurs.  She was also involved in the design and development of Recognition Counts, a micro loan program for skilled immigrants seeking qualification recognition in Canada. Her work at SEED Winnipeg Inc. has allowed her to focus on both program and enterprise development for low income individuals, groups, neighbourhoods and projects with both a poverty reduction and job creation lens. Most recently, Carinna has been a part of the Manitoba Social Enterprise Strategy and the Manitoba Cooperative Association Board of Directors and focused on the development of local social enterprise endeavours in Winnipeg, as well as examining the Manitoba context of social finance via policy study, and participation with local and national practitioners groups.  Carinna’s background includes years of family business management in the hospitality sector as well as a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Manitoba, an Advanced Diploma in International Business, a Certificate in Mediation Services with a focus on Organizational Leadership and she has also recently graduated from Women’s Leadership Certificate program at the Coady Institute of Development at St. Francis Xavier University in Nova Scotia.