Christina Fowler

the Saint John Learning Exchange
Executive Director

Workshop lead: Worklinks: The Strength of Innovation and Community.

Christina Fowler is the Executive Director of the Saint John Learning Exchange, a nonprofit organization working to reduce poverty through innovative education and employment programs.  She is passionate about finding ways to equip individuals with the skills and experiences they need to provide a better future for themselves and their families.  Christina is an authentic leader who thinks outside the box and takes calculated risks in order to respond creatively to social issues.  Only by taking risks can we see the greatest reward and increase impact.  Under her leadership three social enterprises, Voila! Cleaning Services, Stone Soup Catering and Express Cafe and the Impact Market have been launched and scaled.  Christina believes that in order to effect great change you must not be afraid to fail, but learn to pivot and be flexible in order to meet the changing needs of your community.