Marianne Cerilli

Marianne Cerilli - Change Agent
Social Innovator and Consultant

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Feminist trailblazer, community development aficionado and change agent Marianne Cerilli has been working for a world that is healthy, sustainable, equitable, and peaceful for her entire life. Beginning as a recreation and fitness leader, then high school guidance counsellor, teacher, and coach she learned to use community development approaches. Her work as a government employee, three term MLA, community mentor/advocate, policy analyst and community animator gave her a clear understanding of government pitfalls and potential from different perspectives. She effectively combines academic theory with community lived experience in her change work, drawing from her own experience as a working mother, while a contract faculty member in Politics, Education, Women and Gender Studies, and Kinesiology plus years as a college instructor in community development and community economic development. Now as a consultant she applies her process design, writing and facilitation skills to share her many social innovation tools for building community and collaborative capacity.