Martin Garber-Conrad

Edmonton Community Foundation
Chief Executive Officer

Workshop lead: Three Cities, Three Approaches to CED – Lessons to Share.

Martin Garber-Conrad is the Chief Executive Officer of Edmonton Community Foundation, the fourth largest community foundation in Canada, with assets of more than $500 million.

After a brief stint designing resource industry training programs, Martin has spent most of his career leading non-profit organizations.  His accomplishments include several social housing projects, restoring/repurposing historic buildings and starting a social enterprise—Kids in the Hall Bistro–in Edmonton’s City Hall.

At the Foundation, Martin’s interests include their nine-year old Social Enterprise Fund—started in partnership with The City of Edmonton. The SEF has successfully loaned $30 million to 50 charities and non-profits in Edmonton and takes a leadership role in the developing social finance movement in Canada.

Martin’s current passion and preoccupation is Edmonton’s new Community Development Corporation, in response to the End Poverty Edmonton strategy.