Mike Byerley

Next Up Calgary
Program Coordinator

Workshop lead: Leadership for the New Economy

Sentiment without Action is the ruin of the Soul~ Edward Abbey

Today the world is wracked in urgent crises. How are these to be faced and still leave space to work for the good of future generations? In Alberta I’m constantly told that the Petrostate economy is “how it is” and we have no alternative system to be a part of. As an Albertan, I can see how changes made through connecting on ideas and values has profound impact. As an educator I see that skills, capacity and collaboration create and empower personal and systemic change. As a community organizer I see that shared purpose, common action and inclusion are successful in building the movement for justice. These are exciting times, sometimes fearful, often hopeful. Lately I’m finding my inspiration in finding other action oriented people and taking the steps to create just solutions to the intersecting climate and social issues we face here in Alberta.

In addition to coordinating the Calgary program since 2010, Mike is the program coordinator for the Next Up Climate Leadership Program.