Nadia Kidwai

Journalist and Radio Host, CBC Manitoba

Thursday Morning Breakfast Plenary: Building Thriving Communities

Nadia was born and raised in Cardiff, Wales and graduated from Oxford University with a B.A/ M.A. in Politics & History. Since arriving in Winnipeg in 2004, she has worked in various sectors with a passion for diversity, multiculturalism, and community empowerment through grassroots community development, policy planning and research in the Government of Manitoba, journalism (CBC Manitoba, Winnipeg Free Press), and co-founding the Canadian Muslim Leadership Institute. Previously, Nadia was Chair of the Manitoba Women’s Advisory Council, advising the Minister Responsible for the Status of Women, and council member of Immigration Partnership Winnipeg.

Currently Nadia is a journalist and radio host with CBC Manitoba.

Most importantly, she is the mother of 2 young boys and therefore well versed in Star Wars, Minecraft and other equally important cultural phenomena.