Yvon Poirier

Member of the Board

Workshop lead: Three Cities, Three Approaches to CED – Lessons to Share. The Sustainable Development Goals:Harnessing a Global Agenda for Change.

Yvon has been a member of the CCEDNet since 2003 and he has been involved at the international level with the Network since 2003. He is a member of the Board since 2012 where he now acts as the Secretary and international delegate. He is also a member of CCEDNet’s Governance Committee and was Elections Officer from 2008 to 2012. He represents the CDÉC de Québec in CCEDNet.

He has participated in many RIPESS activities and gatherings, on various continents, from 2005 until today. Yvon took part in numerous World Social Forums including the last one in Montreal in 2016. Since October 2013, he has been a member of RIPESS’s Board and he acts now as Vice-Coordinator, he also is a member of a number of committees. Yvon is the head of RIPESS’s delegation at the UN Inter-Agency Taskforce on Social and Solidarity Economy. He also represents the RIPESS at the International Leading Group of the SSE, an organization led by France and a few other countries.  Through this latest involvement, he had the chance to speak at various events, including a UN meeting in September 2016. Yvon is RIPESS’s representative on the GSEF, Global Social Economy Forum Board.