The Gathering: Manitoba's 17th Annual CD & CED Conference

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the Edge of Change: Where We're From, Where We're GoingFriday, October 19, 2018 

St. Johns Highschool | 401 Church Ave. 
8:00am - 4:30 pm | #gath2018

One again, we find ourselves and our communities on shifting ground. Ten years ago, our Gathering theme focused on the inspiring way in which people came together to shape their world and tackle threats to people, the planet, and our economies in the wake of the great recession. Today, these threats are still there. A host of issues like the urgency of climate change, resources and people that are stretched too thin, tensions between governments and communities, discrimination, global migration and poverty have created a sense of unease and uncertainty. As the sustainability of our work, movements, and leadership become increasingly challenging, we are finding that we may not be as resilient as we thought.

But once again in the face of adversity, we see powerful and transformative actions happening and people coming together to fight for a better world. From the global #metoo and March For Our Lives actions, to local movements seeking justice in an age of reconciliation, pushing for community to be placed at the centre of decision making, and creating innovative solutions with diverse people and ideas, civil society is responding and demanding that our voices and priorities be heard. We are on the edge of change, and finding our way through the uncertainty will take innovation and audacity. But with the determination, passion and commitment we see around us, we believe that change will translate into stronger, sustainable, inclusive, and equitable communities.  

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The Gathering is an annual pay-what-you-can event where Manitoba’s community builders connect, learn, and celebrate success. It is open to all from staff of community organizations, to civil servants, funders, students, academics, or anyone interested in community development and community economic development.

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