Amna Burki


Founder and Lead Facilitator

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Amna Burki is the lead facilitator and storyteller at StoriesMatter. She uses the power of storytelling in promoting oral literacy, understanding narratives, community engagement and exploring the power of narratives we are surrounded by. Through storytelling, Amna amplifies and empowers the voices of those who lack representation, acceptance, and appreciation. She has designed workshops, including Tapping into Resiliency Through Storytelling and Gentle Heroes. Her approach encourages participants to shift and thrive. She’s a panelist, a speaker, a facilitator and has performed stories locally and across the globe. Her storytelling focuses on the power of cross-cultural stories to bring people together and addresses important issues impacting today’s world. Amna has lived in Winnipeg since 2000. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Management, a Master’s from the London School of Economics in Gender and Development Studies, and 20+ years of work and volunteer experience, with newcomers, families, and service providers.