Wendy Peterson

Community Futures Westman

Community Development Analyst

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After graduation from Olds College, Wendy returned to Brandon and began work with the City of Brandon. Wendy joined Brandon Seniors for Seniors Co-op Inc. where she remained as their Executive Director for 14 years. Since then, Wendy has worked for the Canadian Red Cross, Westman Immigrant Services, and the Aurora Project.

Currenltly, Wendy is completing CoopZone courses to become a Certified Co-op Developer. Wendy’s passion for Cooperatives and Social Enterprises has led her to form her own small non-profit co-op and social enterprise working with refugee youth and Hutterites. Wendy serves as a Board Member of Brandon Community Builders, Board Member for the CoopZone and Board Member for Compass Credit Union. Wendy has a passion to see communities and their residents grow especially rural communities, and enjoys offering options to communities other than typical business models, that allows communities to build upon the strengths they have, themselves.