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Edward Jackson's picture
Posted: Thu August 27 2015
By: Edward Jackson
The pre-election debate on improving the Canada Pension Plan is important and overdue. Despite the Harper government's reluctance, there is a broad consensus that, as a national newspaper said recently, "raising mandatory CPP contribution rates and boosting future payouts are the most prudent, most...
Amanda McKellar's picture
Posted: Wed August 12 2015
By: Amanda McKellar
Community Economic Development is a way of thinking about the world and your place in it that infuses all aspects of life. At its root, CED is the recognition that healthy communities, resilient economies and ecological sustainability are connected. It is the understanding that effective solutions...
Aki Energy's picture
Posted: Mon July 27 2015
By: Aki Energy
U.S. President Barack Obama made a prison visit the media highlight of his weeklong campaign to make the justice system fairer. One of his key reasons for reform is the US$80 billion being spent annually on incarceration. According to Manitoba's auditor general, since 2008 alone the provincial...
Matthew Thompson's picture
Posted: Thu July 23 2015
By: Matthew Thompson
If you're like Canadian CED Network Executive Director, Michael Toye, you have a pile of books on the side of your desk (see image below right) to remind you of how much you would like to read, if ever you get enough time. Many of us see the few weeks of summer vacation we may have as the prime...
Simel Esim's picture
Posted: Thu July 2 2015
By: Simel Esim
The cooperative enterprise model is seeing a renaissance around the world. The turnover of the largest 300 cooperatives in the world over the last 3 years has grown by 11.6 per cent to reach 2.2 trillion USD in 2012. Preliminary data from 76 countries points to more than 250 million people working...
Nabeel Ahmed's picture
Posted: Fri June 12 2015
By: Nabeel Ahmed
In your view, what are three (or key) elements of "new economies"? At the core, new economies have to be focused around people and protecting public interests, not falling prey to short-term, profit-driven private interests. They are designed with the real experiences of people in mind and...
Michael Toye's picture
Posted: Thu June 11 2015
By: Michael Toye
In your view, what are some key elements of "new economies"? Holistic measures of progress: There are many new measures bubbling up (eg. Gross National Happiness), but they need to take a more central place in decision-making, and they need to be refined and expanded in what they measure and...
Justin Ritchie's picture
Posted: Wed June 10 2015
By: Justin Ritchie
In your view, what are three (or key) elements of "new economies"? A key part of developing a New Economy is through redefining what it means to have a viable investment. I see that now with divestment, a movement that is stigmatizing the idea of investing in fossil fuel infrastructure, and...
Accelerating Social Impact CCC's picture
Posted: Tue June 9 2015
By: Accelerating So...
After working in the non-profit and social enterprise arena for over three decades, David LePage founded Accelerating Social Impact (ASI) in 2013 to pioneer an unusual type of business – a Community Contribution Company. This hybrid enterprise model blends the traditional for-profit corporate model...
Toronto Entreprise Fund/United Way of Greater Toronto's picture
Posted: Mon June 8 2015
By: Toronto Entrepr...
In your view, what are three key elements of "new economies"? Collaboration at the individual and organization level is hugely important because there are many groups focused on a particular activity or vision, but we all need to work together. Using the traditional marketplace to...


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