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Darcy Penner's picture
Posted: Wed April 29 2015
By: Darcy Penner
Creating fair work opportunities for people who have barriers to employment is an important issue facing all of Canada. Manitoba has been a national leader in the development of social enterprises that provide training and employment opportunities for people with barriers to employment. The...
Larry Berglund's picture
Posted: Tue April 7 2015
By: Larry Berglund
Public sector procurement objectives are quite predictable and intuitive – find savings for other departments to be able to meet their budgets. Why do municipalities, as an example, have a procurement department? The rationale is that supply chain professionals know how to put deals together, can...
Mandy McDougall's picture
Posted: Fri March 20 2015
By: Mandy McDougall
During the 1940s, we were promoting campaigns for the widespread use of chemical pesticides with jingles like “DDT is good for me!” and videos showing people literally eating DDT by the spoonful: In retrospect, of course, we know that we messed up.  We messed up bad.  Yet we kept developing...
Jessica Knowler's picture
Posted: Thu March 19 2015
By: Jessica Knowler
For Women Transforming Cities, the present-day economic reality is one of increasing inequality that has disparate outcomes for marginalized communities. This is to say that economic inequality tends to fall along gendered and racialized lines (to name only two). Such inequality is echoed in the...
Katie Derksen's picture
Posted: Wed March 18 2015
By: Katie Derksen
It's not often that Spark matches blow up Twitter, but a recent match between Soup Bee, a Winnipeg social enterprise that sells soups made with local ingredients by individuals facing barriers to employment, and Shel Zolkewich, a marketing specialist and food blogger, did just that. Spark is...
Adam Lynes-Ford's picture
Posted: Wed March 18 2015
By: Adam Lynes-Ford
I’m really interested in the possibilities that arise from two realities: There are multiple benefits of providing health care to people where they live. In order to keep people and communities healthy, the evidence tells us we need to prioritize offering accessible, interdisciplinary care and...
Alexa Pitoulis's picture
Posted: Tue March 17 2015
By: Alexa Pitoulis
What are some key elements of "new economies"? Rethinking what we value and how we measure success. What does success look and feel like at all levels of the economy? To answer this question we must be willing to redefine wealth and move beyond what our current economic systems value as...
Nadine Gudz's picture
Posted: Mon March 16 2015
By: Nadine Gudz
What are some key elements of new economies? New economies mean rethinking notions of value, innovation and the purpose of business. It requires collaboration with non-traditional business partners. At Interface, we are driven by questions like: what would it mean to be a restorative...
Axiom News's picture
Posted: Tue March 3 2015
By: Axiom News
What can we do right now with or without leadership? If we agree the community economy holds great promise for Canada’s future, what else might be done to make it more real and visible? Folks joining a teleconference earlier this week named what they see a big de-energizer: people working...
Yvon Poirier's picture
Posted: Mon February 23 2015
By: Yvon Poirier
As announced in the 2013 report published last January, work on the new UN Post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) picked up strongly in the last twelve months. The year 2015 will be even more important since the UN General Assembly will adopt the new SDGs in September. During the past...


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