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Posted: Tue February 17 2015
By: Mike McGinn
Mike McGinn knows exactly what real wealth means for him, and it’s simple: health, and friends. These have been fundamental to everything he has done, from being a community member volunteer, to a lawyer, a non-profit founder, and the Mayor of Seattle. Mike has found the motivation for his ongoing...
Portia Sam's picture
Posted: Mon February 16 2015
By: Portia Sam
Portia Sam is the Program Coordinator for Miscellany, a social enterprise that operates two thriving thrift stores and a variety of women and youth focused programs in Vancouver, BC. For Portia, the idea that a business can viably integrate revenue with community-based social programs just makes...
Darcy Penner's picture
Posted: Wed February 4 2015
By: Darcy Penner
Today, with great excitement, we officially launched the Manitoba Social Enterprise Strategy: A Strategy for Creating Jobs Through Social Enterprise. A community-led initiative co-created by the Canadian CED Network - Manitoba and the Province of Manitoba, this document is a comprehensive...
Kirsten Bernas's picture
Posted: Fri January 30 2015
By: Kirsten Bernas
Affordable housing has long been a community priority. Individuals and families need stable housing to access social services and succeed in training or employment. The province has added more than 3,000 new social and affordable-housing units since 2009, and has increased annual investments in...
Todd Scaletta's picture
Posted: Fri January 23 2015
By: Todd Scaletta
Our world is based on nested dependencies (see work by Bob Doppelt, Peter Senge as well as Bob Willard). The environment is all-encompassing with society being nested in the environment and in turn business being nested within the environment and society.I have often used a quote from Björn Stigson...
Charles Montgomery's picture
Posted: Thu January 22 2015
By: Charles Montgomery
Charles Montgomery has travelled around the world to better understand what it means to have a Happy City, how we can build it by focusing on what makes us truly happy, and how it changes everything when we do. This concept is a key part of the shift towards economies that work for people and the...
Alex Wood's picture
Posted: Wed January 21 2015
By: Alex Wood
For Alex Wood, Senior Director, Policy and Markets at Sustainable Prosperity, the concept of new economies is directly aligned with that of green economies.Currently, Alex is working on the Sustainable Prosperity Framework project.  Focusing on the three pillars of environment, economy, and society...
Pallavi Roy's picture
Posted: Tue January 20 2015
By: Pallavi Roy
Key elements of new economies include:  Resourcefulness: Utilising unused resources, seeing opportunity in what was traditionally considered waste; Disruption: breaking down the old and creating better brighter solutions; Increased citizen engagement, participation and access.  Energy sector and...
Mike Sandmel's picture
Posted: Mon January 19 2015
By: Mike Sandmel
It's important to be clear about the language we're using. Certainly there are new economic arrangements being formed in various places and at various scales, and those innovations are important to think about as we imagine the future economy. But when we talk about the "New Economy," we're talking...
Axiom News's picture
Posted: Fri January 9 2015
By: Axiom News
Thrive Calgary introduces new learning community in JanuaryIf more people have access to community economic development learning opportunities, more community economic development action will emerge in Calgary.That’s the bet, if you will, that Thrive Calgary, the city’s community economic...


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