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Charles Montgomery's picture
Posted: Thu January 22 2015
By: Charles Montgomery
Charles Montgomery has travelled around the world to better understand what it means to have a Happy City, how we can build it by focusing on what makes us truly happy, and how it changes everything when we do. This concept is a key part of the shift towards economies that work for people and the...
Alex Wood's picture
Posted: Wed January 21 2015
By: Alex Wood
For Alex Wood, Senior Director, Policy and Markets at Sustainable Prosperity, the concept of new economies is directly aligned with that of green economies.Currently, Alex is working on the Sustainable Prosperity Framework project.  Focusing on the three pillars of environment, economy, and society...
Pallavi Roy's picture
Posted: Tue January 20 2015
By: Pallavi Roy
Key elements of new economies include:  Resourcefulness: Utilising unused resources, seeing opportunity in what was traditionally considered waste; Disruption: breaking down the old and creating better brighter solutions; Increased citizen engagement, participation and access.  Energy sector and...
Mike Sandmel's picture
Posted: Mon January 19 2015
By: Mike Sandmel
It's important to be clear about the language we're using. Certainly there are new economic arrangements being formed in various places and at various scales, and those innovations are important to think about as we imagine the future economy. But when we talk about the "New Economy," we're talking...
Axiom News's picture
Posted: Fri January 9 2015
By: Axiom News
Thrive Calgary introduces new learning community in JanuaryIf more people have access to community economic development learning opportunities, more community economic development action will emerge in Calgary.That’s the bet, if you will, that Thrive Calgary, the city’s community economic...
Michael Toye's picture
Posted: Tue December 30 2014
By: Michael Toye
One of the challenges of trying to keep track of community economic development (CED) in a country like Canada is that there is so much going on in disparate places and diverse sectors that it's easy to get the impression we aren't making much progress on the whole. So for the year end I wanted to...
Axiom News's picture
Posted: Mon December 22 2014
By: Axiom News
I had a feeling of being privy to an historic moment as I listened in on a call this week about designing a new ecology of practices to make more visible, connected and alive Canada’s community economy, new economy or whatever the most apt term might be.Peter Pula of Axiom News shared...
David LePage's picture
Posted: Fri December 19 2014
By: David LePage
As I ponder how we analyze a community economy, I think I am starting to understand my continual aversion to the on-going efforts to 'map social economy' or 'mapping social enterprise'. And it may not be just my irrational obstinate character!This new perspective comes from having just spent some...
Carolyn Davis's picture
Posted: Thu December 18 2014
By: Carolyn Davis
Originally published on Momentum's blog Engage on December 16, 2014Momentum’s Self Employment program has offered business training to Calgarians since 1998. Because our participants face barriers such as disability, income level, or low education, they would have difficulty starting a business on...
Elwood M. Hopkins's picture
Posted: Tue December 16 2014
By: Elwood M. Hopkins
This blog was originally published by the Stanford Social Innovation Review on December 4, 2014  When most people speak of place-based efforts to alleviate poverty, their definition is the same one used for the last half century—ever since the Ford Foundation undertook its 1964 Gray Areas Project...


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