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Posted: Tue August 5 2014
By: Matthew Thompson
We asked staff and board members what they were planning on reading this summer: vocationally and vacationally. The resulting list is at turns surprising and exciting, practical and insightful. We hope that you might draw some inspiration from the following reading list for your own summer...
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Posted: Tue July 29 2014
By: Brendan Reimer
On July 18th, the CCEDNet - Manitoba staff team spent the warm and windy day alongside hundreds of volunteers swinging hammers as part of a week-long blitz to build Habitat for Humanity homes. It was fun, it was hard work, and it was inspiring to see so many dedicated people doing their part to...
Ms. Marianne Jurzyniec's picture
Posted: Fri July 25 2014
By: Ms. Marianne Ju...
I can confidently say that the conference I attended back in May has had the biggest impact on me so far out of the twenty plus conferences I’ll estimate I’ve attended (who keeps track of those numbers anyway?). Therefore I would say The Co-operators aptly named it with IMPACT! Youth Conference for...
Brendan Reimer's picture
Posted: Tue July 15 2014
By: Brendan Reimer
A few weeks ago, over 100 people gathered at the Buy Social Canada Summit in Vancouver. One of the best lines of the day was from a procurement manager on deciding to pay a living wage for commercial cleaning contracts. This decision was made despite the fact that a living wage would be well above...
Kirsten Bernas's picture
Posted: Fri July 4 2014
By: Kirsten Bernas
Community activists in Manitoba who understand the urgent need to address our housing affordability crisis have good reason to celebrate these days. The Canadian CED Network along with other community organizations led by Make Poverty History Manitoba, have pushed hard for an increase in shelter...
Michael Toye's picture
Posted: Thu June 26 2014
By: Michael Toye
This week I was fortunate to attend the Tamarack Institute's Community: Programs and Policies event that took place in Kitchener, Ontario.Tamarack's President, Paul Born, who helped co-found CCEDNet 15 years ago, has been described by Frances Wesley as Canada's leading community organizer. So the...
Yvon Poirier's picture
Posted: Wed June 25 2014
By: Yvon Poirier
This is Part 2 of a 2-part series. Click here to read the first in this series.  Tackling the Fundamental Issue: Ownership  My suggestion is that the ownership of capital itself needs to change. We need to democratize ownership. We need to look outside the dichotomy we have seen so...
Yvon Poirier's picture
Posted: Wed June 25 2014
By: Yvon Poirier
This book by French economist Thomas Piketty, published in France last September, has become known worldwide, especially since its English publication by Harvard University Press in April. The book has been one of the top selling books in the USA since its publication and is the Harvard University...
Melina Young's picture
Posted: Fri June 20 2014
By: Melina Young
I spent a few months this year working with the Social Trade Organization (STRO) based in Utrecht, The Netherlands, an innovator in the field of complementary and digital currencies.  STRO was launching a new platform for its digital payment system and starting a large, EU funded project with...
Mr. Garry Loewen's picture
Posted: Wed June 18 2014
By: Mr. Garry Loewen
A fifteenth anniversary might be a good time to reflect on the methods and assumptions of a movement like community economic development – especially for urban communities. When we first started CCEDNet fifteen years ago, we believed that by using CED principles and strategies we could intervene...


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