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Mr. Rupert Downing's picture
Posted: Mon June 2 2014
By: Mr. Rupert Downing
From Rapping in buses in Winnipeg, to Aboriginal Theatre in Saskatoon, to Folk Music in St. John's, the Canadian CED Network has embraced the true spirit and culture of community in Canada. I am so proud of being part of a civil society organization that linked up the very best of our community...
Stewart Perry's picture
Posted: Tue May 27 2014
By: Stewart Perry
Garry Loewen, in his reflections, noted that there was initially a sense that there was a little too much testosterone in the beginnings of CCEDNet.  He did not report (perhaps out of a sense of propriety) one example that I always chuckle about. We were in one of the first meetings and for an...
Paul Born's picture
Posted: Tue May 20 2014
By: Paul Born
CCEDNet had several starts. Mike Lewis on several occasions brought us together. Once with the Americans. They started an association - we did not. About 17 years ago today, I was eating Vietnamese food with Mike Lewis and Victor Krahn, a staff member from the CED organization I led then...
Stewart Perry's picture
Posted: Fri May 16 2014
By: Stewart Perry
I was involved initially in Canadian CED via Greg MacLeod, and the beginnings of New Dawn Enterprises.  Sometime in that period, Greg (after I told him of the importance of the national organization of CDCs in the US) tried to start a pan-Canadian organization, called the Federation of Community...
Sherri Torjman's picture
Posted: Wed May 14 2014
By: Sherri Torjman
I am so fortunate to have had the opportunity to participate in the original group that helped create the foundation for CCEDNet.  Our time together was both exhilarating – and exhausting.  We grappled with the challenge of trying to integrate into a cohesive whole all the disparate visions and...
Stewart Perry's picture
Posted: Thu May 8 2014
By: Stewart Perry
One of the most successful meetings we had was the National Policy Forum held in Vancouver in 2001. It had been well prepared for – preliminary meetings had been held in many provinces.  And Mike Toye and David LePage (among others no doubt) were on site as meeting trouble-shooters, key to making...
Flo Frank's picture
Posted: Thu May 8 2014
By: Flo Frank
It started right after several of us had been at a (non-related) meeting in Ottawa.  While waiting for flights to take us to our homes in different parts of Canada a few of us continued the ongoing talk about the importance of linking community needs and realities into policy agendas and doing it...
Darcy Penner's picture
Posted: Thu May 8 2014
By: Darcy Penner
For some time now, Winnipeg’s municipal governance has had its share of negative press. Procedural mismanagement and a lack of transparency have dominated the civic discourse, leaving little room for debate over progressive policy. If early mayoral-candidate announcements are any indication, the...
Darcy Penner's picture
Posted: Tue May 6 2014
By: Darcy Penner
Last week marked a very successful step for the hard work of child care advocates in Manitoba. The Province of Manitoba has committed to a substantial 5-year plan for child care, including investing in 5,000 newly funded spaces, $25M for child-care centre capital projects, higher wages for Early...
Yvon Poirier's picture
Posted: Mon May 5 2014
By: Yvon Poirier
A meeting of the Intercontinental Network for the Promotion of the Social Solidarity Economy (RIPESS) Board of directors was held April 27 and 28, 2014. It was preceded (April 24 and 25) by the 3rd meeting of the African Social and Solidarity Economy Network (RAESS). More than 50 participants...


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