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Posted: Tue October 29 2013
By: Christopher Thomas
“So Chris, how are you feeling? How is your work going? What can we do to help? Let’s talk about it.” I was asked these questions (most) Fridays over the past several months as part of the reflection process built into the Canadian CED Network’s (CCEDNet) CreateAction internship program....
Yvon Poirier's picture
Posted: Mon October 28 2013
By: Yvon Poirier
Last October 21-24, a delegation from Japan's Seikatsu Club landed in Québec City in order to catch up on the evolution of the social economy in Québec since their last visit in 2007.  The delegation was composed of three people from the Civil Policy Research Institute (CPRI), the research centre...
Ryan O'Connor's picture
Posted: Sat October 19 2013
By: Ryan O'Connor
The 2013 Manitoba CD/CED Gathering is only one week away. Before the festivities begin, the Canadian CED Network - Manitoba took a moment to chat with Charlene Lafreniere, this year's keynote speaker.Charlene was was born and raised in Thompson, Manitoba. She is a proud northern Aboriginal woman...
Michael Toye's picture
Posted: Fri October 18 2013
By: Michael Toye
A very full four days wrapped up today at the 5th International Meeting of the Social Solidarity Economy (SSE) in Manila. My last blog post outlined the ambitious agenda organizers had laid out for the event, as well as the opportunities and challenges facing the development of the social...
Brendan Reimer's picture
Posted: Wed October 16 2013
By: Brendan Reimer
Two weeks ago nearly 1,000 people from 25 countries attended the Social Enterprise World Forum in Calgary. Representatives from all levels of government spoke on the virtues of social enterprise and committed support to the sector. Workshop presenters and keynote speakers, including former Prime...
Michael Toye's picture
Posted: Tue October 15 2013
By: Michael Toye
As a fitting part of New Economy Week and Co-op week, today 400 participants from 35 countries gathered in the Philippines to share strategies for growing the Social Solidarity Economy as an alternative economic model around the world.  This is the fifth global meeting organized by RIPESS, the...
Ryan O'Connor's picture
Posted: Mon October 7 2013
By: Ryan O'Connor
Access to healthy and affordable food is a key component of living a healthy lifestyle; it's also an essential part of creating healthy and strong communities. Food nourishes local economies when locally sourced and ethically produced goods are readily available. A sustainable food system is...
Ryan O'Connor's picture
Posted: Fri September 27 2013
By: Ryan O'Connor
Such models, not driven by quarterly results or share prices, can take the long view As we emerge from the global recession and focus on building B.C.’s economy into one that’s strong, stable and capable of serving its citizens over the long term, it is time to bring co-operatives...
Molly Dunbar's picture
Posted: Fri September 20 2013
By: Molly Dunbar
From the “Gift That Gives Twice”, to “Transforming Our City, One Purchase at a Time,” Local Investment Toward Employment (LITE) has a history of directing purchasing in Winnipeg in a way that has generated social value for the community while addressing community identified needs and goals. This...
Paul Chamberlain's picture
Posted: Mon September 16 2013
By: Paul Chamberlain
Which social enterprise has been running the longest?  How many Ontario volunteers do you think contribute their time to social enterprises?  How many people do Ontario social enterprises actually employ?  If you are anything like me, you have heard a lot of interesting stories about...


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