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Posted: Mon October 7 2013
By: Ryan O'Connor
Access to healthy and affordable food is a key component of living a healthy lifestyle; it's also an essential part of creating healthy and strong communities. Food nourishes local economies when locally sourced and ethically produced goods are readily available. A sustainable food system is...
Ryan O'Connor's picture
Posted: Fri September 27 2013
By: Ryan O'Connor
Such models, not driven by quarterly results or share prices, can take the long view As we emerge from the global recession and focus on building B.C.’s economy into one that’s strong, stable and capable of serving its citizens over the long term, it is time to bring co-operatives...
Molly Dunbar's picture
Posted: Fri September 20 2013
By: Molly Dunbar
From the “Gift That Gives Twice”, to “Transforming Our City, One Purchase at a Time,” Local Investment Toward Employment (LITE) has a history of directing purchasing in Winnipeg in a way that has generated social value for the community while addressing community identified needs and goals. This...
Paul Chamberlain's picture
Posted: Mon September 16 2013
By: Paul Chamberlain
Which social enterprise has been running the longest?  How many Ontario volunteers do you think contribute their time to social enterprises?  How many people do Ontario social enterprises actually employ?  If you are anything like me, you have heard a lot of interesting stories about...
Brendan Reimer's picture
Posted: Mon August 26 2013
By: Brendan Reimer
Italy. Wow. The country is beautiful, the people are passionate, and the co-op sector is incredible. This summer, I had the great privilege to be invited by Vancity Credit Union to join their two-week study tour of the Italian co-op community as a representative of Assiniboine Credit Union, where I...
Michael Toye's picture
Posted: Mon August 19 2013
By: Michael Toye
Last week I got to spend a couple of days in discussions with a remarkable core group of academics, practitioners and students working on the Scaling Innovation for Sustainability research project.BALTA-SIS, as it is known, grew out of the national social economy research program.  One of the...
Michael Toye's picture
Posted: Tue August 6 2013
By: Michael Toye
Earlier this spring, I was amazed to read a new research report prepared by UK group Localise West Midlands evaluating how localised and community economic development can be scaled up to help create more successful, socially just and diverse places. Their literature review struck me as one of the...
Christopher Thomas's picture
Posted: Thu July 25 2013
By: Christopher Thomas
Social enterprises are springing up in every nook and cranny you can imagine.  Some are even hard to get to.  A few weeks ago, a diverse group of non-profit, community, and trades workers, as well as members of the media, boarded a bus to visit one of Manitoba’s newest and boldest social [[{"type...
Posted: Tue July 23 2013
What do shoes and authentic Aboriginal art have in common? Nothing, or so I thought as I was hunting along Queen Street in Toronto looking for a new pair of comfortable shoes. Definitely not my favorite activity, but I couldn’t help noticing the moccasins and mukluks on sale. I was tempted. Buying...
Christopher Thomas's picture
Posted: Fri May 3 2013
By: Christopher Thomas
On April 26, Global Winnipeg aired a video on CCEDNet member BUILD (Building Urban Industries for Local Development), featuring commentary by CCEDNet's regional director Brendan Reimer. Using the personal narrative of ex-gang member Jesse Ducharme, Katie Chamberlain explores how BUILD helps people...


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