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Posted: Thu July 25 2013
By: Christopher Thomas
Social enterprises are springing up in every nook and cranny you can imagine.  Some are even hard to get to.  A few weeks ago, a diverse group of non-profit, community, and trades workers, as well as members of the media, boarded a bus to visit one of Manitoba’s newest and boldest social [[{"type...
Posted: Tue July 23 2013
What do shoes and authentic Aboriginal art have in common? Nothing, or so I thought as I was hunting along Queen Street in Toronto looking for a new pair of comfortable shoes. Definitely not my favorite activity, but I couldn’t help noticing the moccasins and mukluks on sale. I was tempted. Buying...
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Posted: Fri May 3 2013
By: Christopher Thomas
On April 26, Global Winnipeg aired a video on CCEDNet member BUILD (Building Urban Industries for Local Development), featuring commentary by CCEDNet's regional director Brendan Reimer. Using the personal narrative of ex-gang member Jesse Ducharme, Katie Chamberlain explores how BUILD helps people...
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Posted: Sat April 13 2013
By: Yvon Poirier
This past spring I contributed a paper on local development and the social economy in Québec that was published as part of an ebook on international approaches to local development by LDNet.  LDNet is an European organisation set up as a reference center for the new European Union Community-Led...
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Posted: Mon February 18 2013
By: Michael Toye
Despite the notoriety of being the site of Canada's first Tim Horton's in 1964, the latter part of the 20th century was a decades-long, painful process of deindustrialization that hit the people and economy of Hamilton, Ontario hard. But in recent years, there seems to be a remarkable leadership...
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Posted: Sun February 17 2013
By: Michael Toye
Over the past year, we have been working hard to improve our website and our virtual capacity to connect our members and people working to create inclusive and sustainable economies in Canada.  You'll see that our events listing and job postings have many more entries, and we are looking...


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