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Michael Toye's picture
Posted: Thu November 23 2017
By: Michael Toye
The federal government's social innovation and social finance strategy is the biggest policy opportunity for community economic developers in a generation.  Let me tell you why.  The practices described by the term 'social innovation' may not be new – public schools, hospitals, co-...
Mme Erika Licon's picture
Posted: Wed November 22 2017
By: Mme Erika Licon
Last August, I had the opportunity to participate in the second gathering for a Global Curriculum of the Social Solidarity Economy hold in Puebla, Mexico. In this short article, I would like to share an overview of the campaign and some of the results from the second gathering. The campaign for...
Leilani Clark's picture
Posted: Tue November 7 2017
By: Leilani Clark
Strategists are following the money to schools, corporate cafeterias, and hospitals in hopes of rebuilding local economies and bringing healthy food access—literally in through the back door. The next time someone points to the need for more farmers’ markets as a way to help move local...
Mark-Jan Daalderop's picture
Posted: Tue October 10 2017
By: Mark-Jan Daalderop
As a community economic development conference, the planning team works to ensure that we purchase the highest quality food that supports our community in meaningful ways.  This year, the Gathering will feature a delicious line-up of new and crowd-favorite foods & beverages that support local...
Genevieve Dack-Tittley's picture
Posted: Wed October 4 2017
By: Genevieve Dack-...
I am new to the Gathering. My first experience was last year as a first year student in the Community Development/Community Economic Development program at Red River College.  By the time of the conference we had only been in school for a month. Needless to say I was green, very green.  I...
Rob Hopkins's picture
Posted: Mon September 18 2017
By: Rob Hopkins
Is There Hope for Local Living Economy? from Axiom News on Vimeo. Like many Transition, and other changemaking initiatives around the world, Transition Town Peterborough (TTP) has been giving some serious thought to how it might scale up its impacts.  Founded in 2007, but built...
Jenna Drabble's picture
Posted: Thu September 7 2017
By: Jenna Drabble
For as long as I have been working in the field of community development, the CCEDNet Gathering has been an annual event that I look forward to. I attended my first Gathering almost a decade ago; at the time still a university student just beginning to appreciate the importance of community-led...
Sarah Treuhaft's picture
Posted: Tue August 22 2017
By: Sarah Treuhaft
We’ve all heard the stories. Homeless Homejoy cleaners. Uber drivers on food stamps. Grad students Airbnb-ing their extra rooms in gentrifying neighborhoods to cover their own rent. For all of its promises to increase prosperity and sustainability, the so-called “sharing economy” has a...
Jim Silver's picture
Posted: Wed August 9 2017
By: Jim Silver
Neighbourhoods Alive! is a clear case of intelligent public investment, but the provincial government has halted funding, and the program is inactive. This is counterproductive and does little to heal the bridge between First Nations and the rest of Winnipeg. Neighbourhoods Alive! funds...
Vanessa Faloye's picture
Posted: Mon July 31 2017
By: Vanessa Faloye
There is much debate as to how social impact education can up the ante in building social innovators. (For an expert and very insightful cross-examination of this ongoing debate, check out The Stanford Social Innovation Review: The Future of Social Impact Education in Business Schools and Beyond)....


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