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Sarah Treuhaft's picture
Posted: Tue August 22 2017
By: Sarah Treuhaft
We’ve all heard the stories. Homeless Homejoy cleaners. Uber drivers on food stamps. Grad students Airbnb-ing their extra rooms in gentrifying neighborhoods to cover their own rent. For all of its promises to increase prosperity and sustainability, the so-called “sharing economy” has a...
Jim Silver's picture
Posted: Wed August 9 2017
By: Jim Silver
Neighbourhoods Alive! is a clear case of intelligent public investment, but the provincial government has halted funding, and the program is inactive. This is counterproductive and does little to heal the bridge between First Nations and the rest of Winnipeg. Neighbourhoods Alive! funds...
Vanessa Faloye's picture
Posted: Mon July 31 2017
By: Vanessa Faloye
There is much debate as to how social impact education can up the ante in building social innovators. (For an expert and very insightful cross-examination of this ongoing debate, check out The Stanford Social Innovation Review: The Future of Social Impact Education in Business Schools and Beyond)....
Matthew Thompson's picture
Posted: Mon July 24 2017
By: Matthew Thompson
Cooperation, collaboration, community organizing, collective impact…whatever you call it, and however you go about it, the fact of the matter remains – we need to work together. We need to work together because… together we can get more work done, avoiding duplication of...
Candice Davis's picture
Posted: Tue July 18 2017
By: Candice Davis
Picture yourself in your favourite park on beautiful day, you’ve found a quiet shady place under a tree or perhaps you’ve snagged that coveted bench spot that is always taken. You’ve brought with you a beverage and of course the book you can't wait to start, and have cleared the afternoon to do...
Carlo Capra's picture
Posted: Wed July 12 2017
By: Carlo Capra
On 20th and 21st October the EUKN welcomed Holzmarkt to Amsterdam for our 2014 Annual Conference - ‘The Civic Economy: time to get ready’. Holzmarkt are a perfect example of the civic economy and area development in action. This unique and inspiring collaboration of neighbours and entrepreneurs...
Henry Mintzberg's picture
Posted: Tue July 4 2017
By: Henry Mintzberg
Did you like this blog post? Check out the upcoming Rebalancing Society event in Montréal on September 8 We function at three levels in society, not two: the collective level broadly and the individual level narrowly, as well as the community level in between. At the...
Bob Stilger's picture
Posted: Thu June 1 2017
By: Bob Stilger
Small communities can be amazing and High River, Alberta, Canada is at the top of my list right now. I’ve been with people in community there for three days. About 90 folks who care came out for one or more of four sessions of the Our High River Summit. That’s out of 13,000 people. In...
Matthew Thompson's picture
Posted: Wed May 17 2017
By: Matthew Thompson
EconoUs2017 is open to everyone. I wanted to say this first and foremost, in case you think by my attempt at a click-bait title that we wish to exclude anyone. Each of the partner organizations, as you can see by their mission statements, work with inclusivity and shared prosperity as...
Jay Walljasper's picture
Posted: Tue May 16 2017
By: Jay Walljasper
Business owners gather at an elegant Montreal event center to celebrate the 20th anniversary of a large-scale economic partnership. The former chief of Quebec’s largest bank is the guest of honor. Sidewalks bustle with people walking in and out of homes, offices, bank, pharmacy, workout...


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