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Posted: Thu May 4 2017
By: Matthew Thompson
The Early Bird Gets the Worm Do you hear the Canada geese honking overhead? Registration for EconoUs2017 is now open and these birds don’t want to miss out. Only, instead of a worm, what the early bird gets is $100 off their registration…that’s a 20% discount! And if you’re a member of...
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Posted: Wed May 3 2017
Applications are now open for the 2017/18 Certificate Program for Community Economic Development. The next program runs from October 2017 to May 2018. There are only 28 spots available, so apply today. Are you action-oriented and community-focused? Do you want to be part of an active and...
Emilia Kennedy's picture
Posted: Wed April 26 2017
By: Emilia Kennedy
This summer, we’re sending teams of dedicated volunteers out to over 25 communities in Alberta to raise awareness about renewable energy, and to make the case that Alberta has the capacity to ensure “Solar 4 All.” But what do we mean when we say we want solar for all? And why is it...
Kirsten Bernas's picture
Posted: Thu April 13 2017
By: Kirsten Bernas
Leading up to the first full budget by the new provincial government, there was a significant amount of apprehension among community groups around austerity and potential spending cuts.  With 15,000 children waiting for child care, 7,500 housing units needed to respond to homelessness in...
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Posted: Tue April 4 2017
Check out the latest keynote speakers we have confirmed for Hopeful Economics: Leadership & Innovation Summit. To see the full speakers list visit our website. Hopeful Economics:Leadership and Innovation Summit, which explores themes of economic reconciliation, social enterprise,...
Jim Silver's picture
Posted: Fri March 24 2017
By: Jim Silver
An innovative and exciting educational initiative is underway in Winnipeg’s low-income and largely Indigenous North End. The 100 year old Merchants Hotel—in recent decades a magnet for all manner of violence and criminal activity—is being transformed, along with six adjoining city lots, into 30...
Rob Moquin's picture
Posted: Thu March 16 2017
By: Rob Moquin
Building on a 2015 Winnipeg Public Service recommendation to explore opportunities for improving food production and security in Winnipeg, Food Matters Manitoba collaborated with community organizations, local businesses, public health experts and city planners to create the Winnipeg Food Council....
Jon Duke's picture
Posted: Wed March 8 2017
By: Jon Duke
Creating a better future requires smart investments today. But that can be difficult when government, organizations and individuals are struggling to pay the bills. The demand for Choices for Youth’s services has increased by 70 per cent over the last four years, and that trend is sure to continue...
Sandra Hamilton's picture
Posted: Wed February 22 2017
By: Sandra Hamilton
“A country that works for everyone, not just the privileged few.” These are the words of the United Kingdom’s new prime minister, Theresa May. May replaced David Cameron after Cameron’s postBrexit resignation for failing to anticipate the country’s high level of support for leaving the European...
Cherise Letson's picture
Posted: Thu February 16 2017
By: Cherise Letson
Poverty is one of Saint John’s biggest issues and there’s no shortage of organizations and causes trying to solve it. But some organizations are taking a different, entrepreneurial approach to the problem, and the Saint John Community Loan Fund is helping lead the way. The...


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