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Posted: Wed March 8 2017
By: Jon Duke
Creating a better future requires smart investments today. But that can be difficult when government, organizations and individuals are struggling to pay the bills. The demand for Choices for Youth’s services has increased by 70 per cent over the last four years, and that trend is sure to continue...
Sandra Hamilton's picture
Posted: Wed February 22 2017
By: Sandra Hamilton
“A country that works for everyone, not just the privileged few.” These are the words of the United Kingdom’s new prime minister, Theresa May. May replaced David Cameron after Cameron’s postBrexit resignation for failing to anticipate the country’s high level of support for leaving the European...
Cherise Letson's picture
Posted: Thu February 16 2017
By: Cherise Letson
Poverty is one of Saint John’s biggest issues and there’s no shortage of organizations and causes trying to solve it. But some organizations are taking a different, entrepreneurial approach to the problem, and the Saint John Community Loan Fund is helping lead the way. The...
Amanda McKellar's picture
Posted: Tue January 31 2017
By: Amanda McKellar
Did you know that the word “wealth” actually comes from the Old English weal—meaning well-being—and th—meaning condition? The word literally means, “the conditions of well-being.” Wealth isn’t just about your finances. It’s about personal and cultural identity. It’s about skills,...
Laurence Audette-Lagueux's picture
Posted: Fri December 23 2016
By: Laurence Audett...
After 2 days on board the train – internet-less (much to the demise of Audrey-Anne who’s just about to breakdown) – we arrive at dawn in the surprising city of Winnipeg. “The Peg” – as trendy locals call it – resembles a secret garden. Under a somewhat harsh allure lays an effervescent...
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Posted: Wed December 21 2016
SFU's Community Economic Development program has officially launched LEAP! (Local Entrepreneurship Accelerator Program) with a new website. LEAP! is an eight week accelerator program for brand new start-up social entrepreneurs in rural B.C. Using a lean start-up model, LEAP! prepares small...
Darcy Penner's picture
Posted: Tue November 29 2016
By: Darcy Penner
On an unseasonably warm November 15, 2016, around 90 people gathered in the Winnipeg Convention Centre for the first ever Winnipeg Social Finance Forum. It was a unique mix of stakeholders and individuals: financial institutions, foundations, CED leaders and practitioners, civil servants, political...
Kirsten Bernas's picture
Posted: Mon November 28 2016
By: Kirsten Bernas
Last Monday, November 21st, the Progressive Conservatives released their second Throne Speech, indicating the government’s upcoming priorities. CCEDNet Manitoba pays close attention to this document, as it outlines the government’s direction, and reveals where there will be opportunities and...
Darcy Penner's picture
Posted: Wed November 16 2016
By: Darcy Penner
In September, Community Enterprise in Scotland hosted a group of Canadians for a week-long immersion in Scottish social enterprise programming, policy and practice. Canadians from four provinces, federal and provincial governments, social enterprise practitioners and network leaders travelled and...
Keith Taylor's picture
Posted: Fri October 21 2016
By: Keith Taylor
You can argue that the economy has largely bounced back from the state it was in seven years ago, but it's no secret that traditional community economic development models have stalled and often fail. But one approach to community economic development is rapidly gaining attention: cooperative...


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