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Posted: Wed August 31 2016
By: David LePage
With little fanfare the Federal government has taken a major step forward this week in supporting the social enterprise sector – providing clarity on a definition and supporting the development of a national directory. The directory defines social enterprise as “an enterprise that seeks...
Axiom News's picture
Posted: Mon August 29 2016
By: Axiom News
In her 20 years of publishing about socially-responsible business and investing, author and new economy thought leader Marjorie Kelly has seen too often how well-meaning business people seeking to “do good things” find the ownership design of the business working against their intentions. This is...
Yvon Poirier's picture
Posted: Wed August 17 2016
By: Yvon Poirier
2016 is the first year of the ambitious United Nations plan to achieve sustainable development by 2030. What is striking is the close link of many, if not most, of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals to issues related to social welfare, social justice, human rights, health and education, housing,...
Anthony Flaccavento's picture
Posted: Fri August 5 2016
By: Anthony Flaccavento
While there is no one definition for the "new economy", most folks working in this field would probably agree on a few basic elements that distinguish this economic approach from the current dominant economic model. I’ve attempted to summarize those below. Six Elements of Emerging New Economies...
Barend Dronkers's picture
Posted: Thu July 21 2016
By: Barend Dronkers
Renewable energy projects can be installed at community scale or micro-scale. Photo: David Dodge Traditional power generation often takes the form of large generators far from the cities and towns that ultimately consume the electricity. Renewable power technology,...
Tom Jakop's picture
Posted: Wed July 13 2016
By: Tom Jakop
If you're like Canadian CED Network Executive Director, Michael Toye, you have a pile of books on the side of your desk (see image below right) to remind you of how much you would like to read, if ever you get enough time. Many of us see the few weeks of summer vacation we may have as the prime...
Tyler Pearce's picture
Posted: Fri July 8 2016
By: Tyler Pearce
Canada has not had a national housing plan since the mid-1990s. In the intervening years, the housing market has all but been restructured. We’ve all heard about the condo bubbles in Toronto and Vancouver, and the $1- million, 800-square-foot single detached houses in Vancouver. Young adults can’t...
Megan Devlin's picture
Posted: Wed July 6 2016
By: Megan Devlin
Carol Anne Hilton on the concept she invented to pull Canada into a better future. Carol Anne Hilton wants Canadians to add a new word to their dictionary: Indigenomics. Definition: The practice of bringing an Indigenous perspective to economic and social development. ...
Josh Brandon's picture
Posted: Mon June 27 2016
By: Josh Brandon
Social enterprises fill an important gap in Manitoba’s economy for those struggling to enter the workforce. The provincial government has seen the value of investing in social enterprises through funding training and procuring housing retrofit services. This in combination with financing from the...
Kirsten Bernas's picture
Posted: Mon June 20 2016
By: Kirsten Bernas
The new provincial government has subtitled its budget documents with the phrase “Correcting the Course” and it has repeatedly stated its goal of making Manitoba the “Most Improved Province.” What will this new course mean for those working to create economic opportunities and improve social...


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