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Yvon Poirier's picture
Posted: Wed November 4 2015
By: Yvon Poirier
In a certain way, this “new” economy is a return to the values that preceded the era of all around capitalism that we have known since the 50’s. This model is based on competition, to the benefit of the market, excessive individualism and consumerism. A model that shapes humans as wage-earners...
Accelerating Social Impact CCC's picture
Posted: Fri October 30 2015
By: Accelerating So...
This blog was originally published on KPN Blog site, “David LePage puts his cards on the table about the definition of social enterprise, why it’s a verb and not a noun, and how it’s marketplace value.” The definition of social enterprise continues on as a fascinating issue. In fact it...
Mr. Richard Dilay's picture
Posted: Wed October 28 2015
By: Mr. Richard Dilay
In August of 2000, there was not yet a plan for Neighbourhoods Alive! (NA!) to partner with Neighbourhood Renewal Corporations (NRC). It had been determined that NA! would employ a Community Led Development (CLD) model. Although the CLD model was central to the NA! approach, it had not been well-...
Brendan Reimer's picture
Posted: Fri October 16 2015
By: Brendan Reimer
The Pioneers As the 28 weavers and other skilled workers of a small English town set their minds to creating a new business model back in 1844, I wonder if they had any vision for what their innovation would become. Their profound legacy is a global movement with incredible economic and...
Michael Toye's picture
Posted: Thu October 15 2015
By: Michael Toye
Elections are natural times to think about the future.  What kind of Canada do we want?  What issues are most important?  What kind of change is possible?  As soon as we start thinking about those questions, however, a flood of pressing issues begins to rise: the economy, the environment...
Michael Toye's picture
Posted: Fri October 2 2015
By: Michael Toye
Over the last year leading up to the federal election, CCEDNet's Policy Council, Board, the People-Centred Economy group, members and staff have been hard at work to prepare election resources, raise awareness of our policy recommendations and advance our priorities with all political parties. ...
Henry Mintzberg's picture
Posted: Thu October 1 2015
By: Henry Mintzberg
CO-AUTHORED WITH NANCY NEAMTAN Walmart is not Greenpeace. It may do its bit for greening, just as Greenpeace has promoted a product called Greenfreeze (for refrigerators). But Walmart is a business, in the private sector, while Greenpeace is an NGO, in the plural sector (civil society)....
Mr. Richard Dilay's picture
Posted: Wed September 16 2015
By: Mr. Richard Dilay
In June 2000, the Province of Manitoba launched Neighbourhoods Alive! (NA!) as its "long-term community-based social and economic strategy“ for urban revitalization. The Manitoba New Democratic Party had recently formed government in 1999, after over decade out of office. At that time, Winnipeg was...
Michael Toye's picture
Posted: Fri September 11 2015
By: Michael Toye
Although it draws on practices of organizing and solidarity that go way back in history, CED emerged more recently in the U.S. a half century ago as a social innovation primarily to address concentrated, persistent poverty, especially in urban areas.  Today, CCEDNet members do all sorts of...
William Pardy's picture
Posted: Wed September 9 2015
By: William Pardy
The world appears to be wrapped in a web of diplomatic deception and intrigue, while our communities are cloaked in a clutter of jargon and empty phrases.  In the midst of one of the world’s greatest transitions, it is perhaps time to revisit basics. Military interventions have never...


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