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Posted: Mon June 20 2016
By: Kirsten Bernas
The new provincial government has subtitled its budget documents with the phrase “Correcting the Course” and it has repeatedly stated its goal of making Manitoba the “Most Improved Province.” What will this new course mean for those working to create economic opportunities and improve social...
William Pardy's picture
Posted: Fri June 10 2016
By: William Pardy
Communities need a sympathetic outsider who encourages them, takes the heat out of things, listens and asks questions.  Members of a community are often so taken up in the immediate that they lose sight of the whole.  They need an outsider to ask them their vision, their work with...
SFUCED's picture
Posted: Fri May 27 2016
Two graduates of this year's SFU Certificate Program for Community Economic Development wanted to share some of their CED learnings from the program to the people in their communities. Amy Quarry and Diandra Oliver, both accomplished CED practitioners in their communities of Quesnel and Prince...
Michael Toye's picture
Posted: Fri May 27 2016
By: Michael Toye
Communities are at the heart of what CCEDNet peeps do.  So it shouldn't be a surprise that when you put 230 community champions together over three days, you get one heck of a community.  Hosted by CCEDNet member CEDEC, ECONOUS2016 was the first national CED conference in several years,...
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Posted: Fri May 27 2016
May 2-6 was the final week of the 2015/2016 SFU CED program and we ended with a bang! Students pitched their social impact ideas for a total prize pool of $20,000 for the Social Innovation Challenge, an exciting part of the SFU Certificate Program for Community Economic...
Darcy Penner's picture
Posted: Fri April 15 2016
By: Darcy Penner
Elections are noisy and cluttered affairs that can make it difficult for some of the most promising, Manitoba-made policy innovations to get the attention they deserve. One of these policies is the use of day-to-day government purchasing to provide job and training opportunities for people with...
Richard Dilay's picture
Posted: Thu March 31 2016
By: Richard Dilay
In 2015, Neighbourhoods Alive! (NA!) celebrated its fifteenth year of operation. After 15 years of operation, it might be a fair question to ask “What has been the impact of NA!, to date?”,  and whether NA! communities are being revitalized. NA! contracted independent Community Impact Evaluations...
Kate Swade's picture
Posted: Thu March 17 2016
By: Kate Swade
Systems thinking can seem complex and inaccessible but even the smallest group of people working towards change can learn from it. Kate Swade sets out five ways to use it. Google ‘systems change’ and you get almost 1.5bn results. Do the same with ‘systems thinking’ and you get almost 23...
Ariana McBride's picture
Posted: Mon February 29 2016
By: Ariana McBride
Cities and towns of all sizes struggle with how to involve the most representative sample of their population in their community design efforts.  My first post in this series highlighted general tips on how to increase public participation in planning and design. This post specifies practical ways...
William Pardy's picture
Posted: Tue February 16 2016
By: William Pardy
Community is more than the sum parts of physical infrastructure, much more than the social environment in which people live and fundamentally more than the services which people have come to expect.  Community is the primarily intangible environment where people co-exist, raise families and...


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