CCEDNet New Member Virtual Meetup

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Connecting new CCEDNet members with longtime members

Nadia and Mike at ECONOUS2016

Welcome new members to the Canadian CED Network!

This virtual meetup is an opportunity to for new members to connect with staff and longtime members and vice versa. In particular, this meetup serves as a space for:

  • New members to engage in a no-holds-barred Q&A with staff and other members
  • Longtime members to learn about what is drawing new members to CED
  • Developing stronger interpersonal relationship between members in general

When registering, please submit any question you may have related to CED that you would like to discuss at this meetup.

Join us at 1pm Eastern Time on October 17, 2016!

Register now and connection details will be emailed to you along with a reminder a few days before the session. 
17 October, 2016 13:00 ET to 14:00 ET