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Please contact all CCEDNet staff by email as we work remotely (beginning March 16, 2020). The Manitoba and Ottawa offices will have reduced access to phones, but the Administrative and National Engagement Offices can still receive calls at this time.

Administrative Office

Canadian CED Network – Réseau canadien de DÉC
905 boulevard des Bois-Francs Sud, C-201
Victoriaville, QC  G6P 5W1

Toll free:  877-202-2268   Tel: 819-795-3056   Fax: 866-332-3478
info at

Executive Director
Michael Toye
(819) 795-3056 ext 222
mtoye at

Director of Finance
Guylaine Simard
(819) 795-3056 ext 223
gsimard at

Administrative Co-ordinator
Melissa Lessard
(819) 795-3056 ext 0
m.lessard at

Winnipeg Office

Unit 202 – 765 Main Street
Winnipeg, MB R2W 3N5
Tel: (204) 943-0547

Regional Networks Director
Sarah Leeson-Klym
sleesonklym at

Manitoba Network Manager
Michael Barkman
m.barkman at

Gathering Coordinator
gathering at


A service of the Canadian CED Network
Located at United Way - 580 Main St.
Winnipeg, MB R3B 1C7

Tel: (204) 837-7275 (or 83-SPARK)   Fax: (204) 942-7785

Program Manager
Geoff Ripat
geoffspark at

Recruitment Coordinator
Lindsey McBain
lmcbain at

Recruitment Coordinator
Genevieve Dack-Tittley
genspark at

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Toronto Office (National Engagement Team)

116 Industry Street
Toronto, ON M6M 4L8

Tel: (416) 760-2554

National Membership and Learning Manager
Adriana Zylinski
a.zylinski at

National Communications Manager
Ben Losman
b.losman at

Program and Engagement Manager
Beatrice Anane-Bediakoh
b.anane-bediakoh at

Impact Learning Lead
Alexandre Applin
(613) 565-7437
a.applin at

Ottawa Office

St. Paul's University
Mauril-Bélanger Social Innovation Atelier
223 Main St. – room LAF 227
Ottawa ON K1S 1C4

Director of Engagement
Matthew Thompson
mthompson at