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Wa Ni Ska Tan: An Alliance of Hydro-Impacted Communities

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Winnipeg , Manitoba

Wa Ni Ska Tan emerged out of the priorities voiced by hydro-impacted Indigenous communities. The Alliance consists of representatives from 24 Cree (Ininew/Inniniwak), Anishinaabe, and Métis nations; 22 researchers; 14 social justice and environmental NGOs; 9 universities from Canada and the US; and multiple levels of government.

The overall goal of Wa Ni Ska Tan (Cree word for ‘Wake Up’ or ‘Rise Up’) is to explore both the positive and negative implications of hydropower for nearby environments and Indigenous communities in Manitoba and other affected regions across Canada, and to further explore how and to what degree this research alliance might enable healing as well as meaningful and desirable social and environmental change.

Areas of Expertise: Environment, First Nations, Inuit and Métis, Partnership Building, Policy Development & Advocacy, Research & Development, Sustainable Development

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