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Canadian Cooperative Investment Fund

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Toronto , Ontario

The Canadian Co-operative Investment Fund (CCIF) is helping Canadian co-operatives grow by providing access to much-needed capital. CCIF is a $25 million fund that provides alternative financing for co-operatives that are creating long-term community benefit throughout Canada. Together with our borrowers and our investors, we are generating lasting impact across Canada and improving the strength of the co-operative sector.

CCIF invests in the co-operative sector in the form of loans, equity and quasi equity investments. We primarily focus on supporting the growth of existing co-ops. We also support the conversion of traditional businesses into co-ops and the start-up financing for new co-ops. We invest in co-operatives that are committed to making a difference in their communities.

Our loans are flexible and tailored to the specific co-operative development stage. We draw on extensive experience to structure financing opportunities that are customized to our borrowers’ needs. We aim to provide co-operatives with the financial tools they need to serve their communities.

The Canadian Co-operative Investment Fund was founded and established by Co-operatives and Mutuals Canada, a member-driven association that supports, promotes and unites co-operative and mutual organisations. CCIF is managed by the Community Forward Fund Assistance Corp (CFFAC), the first non-profit registered fund manager in Canada, and New Market Funds.

Areas of Expertise: Co-operatives, Finance

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