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Christine (Kreisha) Oro

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Edmonton , Alberta

ORO.CBBA / CONSULTANT: INTERCULTURAL Community-Based Business Analyst (CBBA), Partnership Readiness Assessments

Intercultural Community Based Business Economic Development.
Promoting Cultural Ownership of Cultural Products & Cultural Ways from the ground to the systems level.
Consulting Services include:
-Strategic Planning
-Business Planning
-Research Planning and Design
-Program Review/Evaluation/Development
-Project Management
-Organizational Development
-Policy Analysis and Development
-Process Improvement
-Community Engagement/Outreach
-Relationship Building
-Social Enterprise and Business Enterprise Development
-Contract Negotiations
-Cross-Cultural Partnership Readiness
-Intercultural Advocacy
-Intercultural Education
-Workshop Facilitation
-Administrative Training
-Systems Transformation

Areas of Expertise: Communications, Community Capacity Building, Conceptual Frameworks & Approaches, Co-operatives, Culture and the Arts, Educational Programs, Job Training, Entrepreneurship & Business Development, Finance, First Nations, Inuit and Métis, Fundraising, New Canadians, Organizational Development, Partnership Building, Planning and Evaluation, Policy Development & Advocacy, Regional & Development, Research & Development, Sector-Based Strategies, Social Economy & Social Enterprise, Stories and Experiences, Sustainable Development, Urban Development, Women, Youth

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