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Ottawa , Ontario

Through Social Delta, I offer consulting services to individuals and organizations wishing to conceive, design, launch or expand a social enterprise. I work with nonprofits, co-operatives, and solo-preneurs wishing to create a business that focuses on creating positive community value. I focus on business coaching, market research, feasibility studies, business plans and marketing and social finance strategies in all areas of social enterprise, from employment and training, to environmental, cultural or social mission driven business, to charity owned companies that reinvest profits into the charitable mission.

Areas of Expertise: Communications, Community Capacity Building, Conceptual Frameworks & Approaches, Co-operatives, Culture and the Arts, Disability Groups, Educational Programs, Job Training, Entrepreneurship & Business Development, Environment, Finance, Food Security, Fundraising, Health, International CED, New Canadians, Organizational Development, Partnership Building, Planning and Evaluation, Policy Development & Advocacy, Research & Development, Sector-Based Strategies, Social Economy & Social Enterprise, Stories and Experiences, Sustainable Development, Women, Youth

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