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SERA Community Ventures Ltd

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Cannington , Ontario

Areas of Expertise: Community Capacity Building, Co-operatives, Entrepreneurship & Business Development, Organizational Development, Policy Development & Advocacy, Research & Development, Rural CED, Social Economy & Social Enterprise

Organization Description:

SERA (Social Enterprise Rural Alliance) Community Ventures began as an idea to respond to the local needs and challenges of rural areas in and around North Durham Region. There are ways to do this, but through the development of social enterprises, rural communities can address multiple social, economic and environmental issues at the same time.

The SERA publication From Need To Opportunity: Building Vibrant Rural Communities was published in 2010 as a blueprint to promote positive change through the creation of social enterprises.

Today, SERA is a non-profit organization with an arrangement of resources, information, support and pioneering ideas to help social entrepreneurs make progressive social change through community economic development strategies. Through a network of like-minded organizations, entrepreneurs, academics, businesses and government officials, SERA will engage, educate and support entrepreneurs in the community by enabling collaboration and innovation.

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