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Peg City Car Co-op

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Winnipeg , Manitoba

Peg City Car Co-op is a member-owned carshare that offers a unique and innovative service to residents in the central neighbourhoods of Winnipeg. We exist to provide our members with access to a car when needed, thus enabling them to walk, bike or ride the bus for most of their transportation needs. This allows them to avoid or reduce the financial burden and responsibilities of personal car ownership. The idea is captured in our tagline: "Bike. Walk. Bus. And Sometimes, Drive."

Organization Description:

In July 2007, a group of five volunteers with personal and professional interest in sustainable transportation met to discuss the potential for establishing a carshare program in Winnipeg. In Manitoba, transportation is the largest contributor to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and represents almost half of the personal emission for households.

For Winnipeg residents, transportation costs, including vehicle ownership and operation, are the second largest household expenditure after shelter. The concept of carsharing, in which individuals gain the benefits of private vehicle use without the costs and responsibilities of ownership, serves to address both of these issues. It is an important missing element in the array of sustainable transportation options in Winnipeg.

Funded by Manitoba Conservation’s Sustainable Development Initiatives Fund (SDIF), the Winnipeg Carshare Feasibility Study (pdf) assessed whether the Winnipeg context was suitable for carsharing. The study determined that carsharing is a feasible option in Winnipeg, the co-operative model is the preferred organizational structure, and the Osborne Village area is the optimal neighbourhood in which to launch a carshare, followed by the Broadway-Assiniboine area.

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