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Réseau Accorderie

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Québec , Quebec
Organization Description:

Accorderies fight poverty and social exclusion through an approach that emphasizes solidarity, cooperation and greater social justice. They create networks for exchanging services and are open to interested individuals without regard to age, gender, income or culture.

Accorderies draw on the talents, skills and know-how of their members. The currency for exchanges is time. The hours of each member have equal value, regardless of the service provided.

Services exchanged between members range from cooking to computers, from housecleaning and odd jobs to coaching in languages, music and sports. Since the first Accorderie was set up in Quebec City in 2002, there have been over 60,000 exchanges, for a total of 130,000 hours of services exchanged by members! In 2016, we now have 4,000 members who offer almost 1,200 different services.

Accorderies also organize collective services such as buying groups and solidarity credit (small consumer loans) and Accorderie services for the daily operations of the Accorderie.

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