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Toronto Entreprise Fund/United Way of Greater Toronto

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Toronto , Ontario
Organization Description:

TEF is a unique funding partnership of United Way Toronto, the City of Toronto, the Ontario Ministry of Community & Social Services, and the Homelessness Partnering Strategy, a federal government program administered by the City of Toronto. The Toronto Enterprise Fund was established in 2000 to support the implementation of social enterprises that provide transitional or permanent employment, or training leading to employment, for people who are marginalized.

Through their employment with a social enterprise, participants gain economic opportunities, work experience and related training, additional income, improved life skills and self-esteem, and better connections to their community and the labour force. By helping people improve their economic prospects and reduce poverty, the enterprises help prevent and reduce homelessness in Toronto.

TEF’s provides annual operating grants to a portfolio of existing social enterprises and seed funding to two or three startups. To assist these enterprises become sustainable, we offer extensive business development supports, and we measure our impact through ongoing evaluations. To help create an enabling environment for social enterprises to thrive, we engage in research and dissemination, and extensive sector building activities. For more information on each of these activities, click on the hyperlink.

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