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Welcome to Nova Scotia

Upcoming Nova Scotia Events

May 2-4, 2017
Marriott Harbourfront Hotel
1919 Upper Water St., Halifax

The Canadian Housing & Renewal Association (CHRA) is the national voice for the full range of affordable housing and homelessness issues and solutions. The CHRA National Congress continually draws a diverse group of delegates including housing providers, municipalities, businesses, provincial and territorial housing departments, service and support agencies, individuals and other national and provincial associations

Stay tuned for details & programming for the 2017 National Congress on Housing and Homelessness

July 12-14, 2017

The Community Economic Development Institute of the Shannon School of Business CED Biennial Conference  focused on “Community Innovation & Social Enterprise”.

Click the following link for details:

News/Recent Nova Scotia Events 

Every year the Ecology Action Centre updates their list of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Programs across the province. Check out their list for 2017 and sign up to support our local farmers!

See Michael Shuman talk about Financing Local Food Economies at:

February 7 Event

Social Enterprsie 101- Workshop - Bridgewater

9:00am - 12:00pm

Social Enterprise 101 - moving an organization's mission forward through the sale of products and services, is getting a lot of attention these days. During this workshop participants learned about business structures for social enterprise, the impact they have in NS, and saw some examples of organizations getting it right across the province.


Acadia Entrepreneurship Centre - 373 King Street, Bridgewater, NS B4V 1B1


CCEDNet Virtual Member Meetup (Atlantic)

12pm Atlantic Time on January 11, 2017

This regional virtual member meetup was an opportunity to connect with other CCEDNet members, Board members and staff in the region, to discuss opportunities and challenges, and ask questions.

New members were particularly welcomed.

November 10th, 2016

The Nova Scotia Chapter was pleased to partner with Common Good Solutions (CGS) for their first "Conversations for the Common Good" meet-up and networking event which  showcased social enterprise as a tool for Community Economic Development.

To name just a few of the social enterprises that were in the room and shared their story: Youth Art Connection, Common Roots Urban Farm, ADDvocacy ADHD & Life Skills Coaching Ltd., Brave Space, DASC Industries, FOUND Forgotten Food, East Coast Social Change. This proved to be a very engaging evening.

The Nova Scotia Chapter was pleased that this event also provided a great opportunity for participants to learn about CCEDNet. Folks were encouraged to visit this website to learn more about Community Economic Development  educational tools and resources;  be able to connect with like minded members across the country; and stay abreast of upcoming CED events.    

October 18, 2016

Government of Nova Scotia Announces Support for Social Enterprises

Read more about the news from Invest Nova Scotia 

CCEDNet Nova Scotia Chapter Meeting

On August 2016, about 8 people gathered together this summer for a potluck at the Old School Community Gathering Place in beautiful Musquodoboit Harbour to talk about our common goal of strengthening CED in Nova Scotia.

As one good way to get started, we will be keeping this page active so folks can visit to find out more about what’s going on in Nova Scotia, check out links to CED happenings across the Atlantic region, and across the country for that matter. Our hope is that eventually we will also be able to use the Nova Scotia Chapter page to: create a dialogue of sorts by posting comments/responses on various topics, as well as register for events as these materialize.

We are looking at future 'gatherings' - perhaps on a quarterly basis - around different themes. Common Good Solutions ( has offered to host the next "meet up" to be held this November.

Directory of Nova Scotia CED Associations and Individual Memberships (under development)

Search CCEDNet's member directory by province for more detailed information about members in Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia Organizational Members of CCEDNet:

Affirmative Ventures Association
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

Alternative Programs for Youth and Families
Halifax, Nova Scotia

CED Institute, Cape Breton University
Sydney, Nova Scotia

Common Good Solutions
Halifax, Nova Scotia

Schoolhouse Consulting
Halifax, Nova Scotia

Watershed Association Development Enterprises (WADE)
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

Individual Members:

Ms. Leslie Brown, Halifax , Nova Scotia

Richard Burelle, Antigonish , Nova Scotia

Anne Chiasson, Sydney , Nova Scotia

Ms. Laurie Cook, Musq Harbour , Nova Scotia,

Ms. Jesslyn Dalton, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia,

Mr. Rankin MacSween, Sydney , Nova Scotia

Kevin McKague, Sydney , Nova Scotia,

Rima Thomeh, Halifax , Nova Scotia

Why You Might Want to Consider Becoming a Member of the Canadian CED Network and the Nova Scotia Chapter?

As a CCEDNet member, you are part of the leading national movement for stronger communities and more inclusive local economies. Your membership makes a difference. It allows us to promote policy changes that support community efforts and to act as an information clearinghouse for knowledge, training, and financing opportunities that help hundreds of community leaders to be more effective and their organizations to become more sustainable. 

Your membership in CCEDNet is a strategic contribution to our shared vision for the future. But there are practical benefits too, including free access to our numerous webinars, a valuable discount on outcome measurement and social return on investment resources, and promotion of your work to thousands of visitors on our new online member map. 

Stay connected to others across the country who share a commitment to stronger commuities ! Join ths Chapter to be a strong voice for Nova Scotia!   

Other CED Agency Listings:

FarmerWorks Investment Cooperative Ltd:

FarmWorks Investment Co-operative Limited, incorporated in 2011, operates as a Community Economic Development Investment Fund (CEDIF) that enables Nova Scotians annually to purchase common shares in a diversified portfolio of businesses that yield meaningful financial returns on investments. These investments provide loans to farms, food processors, and value-added food producers, helping to increase the viability and sustainability of agriculture and the security of a healthy food supply.

The Public Good Society of Dartmouth:

The Public Good Society is a group of concerned citizens reflecting community, business, and government. Our  focus is on the levels of support and its effectiveness in serving people in our community who are living in vulnerable circumstances.

The BCA Group:

The BCA Group is a complex experiment in CED. It includes a CEDIF, a charitable foundation, a not for profit company and a management company. It invests in local business and also initiates growth projects such as the Wentworth Condominium. It is now raising money to build a Hospice for the Sydney area. Colleen Tobin is President and Greg MacLeod is Treasurer.

Greg MacLeod, Professor Emeritus
Tompkins Institute, Cape Breton University
greg_macleod at
Telephone: 902-562-2420


To find out more about events posted here, to add information about your organization to our directory, to post information about your organization's upcoming events, or for any other queries contact