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Youth Signing Wall

Emerging Leaders

The Emerging Leaders (EL) Committee is a group of young people established within the Canadian CED Network with the purpose of increasing the number and quality of young practitioners entering into the CED field & ensuring an active and meaningful voice in the Canadian CED Network.

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Youth Forum

To ensure youth participation and leadership at the recent 2010 National Summit on a People-Centered Economy, May 30 - June 1, 2010, EL organized a youth-led forum entitled “Connecting Beyond the Summit: Exploring Social Networking to build the CED Movement.” This interactive workshop brought participants together to discuss challenges and opportunities in using social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Wikis, Blogs.

Forum participants were encouraged to take the perspectives and lessons from the Forum into the rest of the Summit. The intent of the Forum was to help participants advance ideas into action plans. The Forum also provided participants with an opportunity to network with other youth and those interested in youth from across the country.

Youth in CED Profile

Running from November 2005 to April 2006, the Emerging Leaders research project profiled 11 stories in English of Youth and CED across Canada.

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The CED Work Experience Program, CreateAction, is the only national internship program that provides paid learning opportunities for young people to do community economic development in their own communities.

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Community Development Service Learning

The Community Development Service Learning (CDSL) Initiaitve builds on existing work happening in CED to engage youth. This project invites members of the Canadian CED Network to explore ways that learning in community contributes to the development of citizenship and increases our capacity to affect social and economic change.

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Youth Mentorship in CED

The Youth Mentorship project was a national initiative to strengthen engagement of youth in CED through voluntary involvement and mentorship with younger members of their communities. This initiative was developed in partnership with four primary partners.

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Youth In Charge

The "Youth In Charge - Leading Change through CED" project engaged youth in CED to create economic and employment opportunities for young people in BC communities. The project helped to develop action plans that enabled young people with barriers to create CED opportunities in their local areas.

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Youth @ Work

Working between generations, youth from four rural and isolated communities in BC created an action plan to build partnerships that will strengthen understanding of CED and employment needs in their communities.

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