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November Coop Lunch and Learn Series

November Lunch and Learn SeriesIf your organization wants to make a bigger impact in their local economy, then this free webinar series is not to be missed.

Training, education, and information is not only a co-operative principle, it’s an important part of growing any organization. Every Thursday during the month of November we are offering free noon-hour webinars that will expand your organization’s knowledge about strategic opportunities around economic development. All you need is to RSVP in advance.

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To best enjoy these webinars, we highly recommend watching this webinar with a colleague; invite them for lunch! All webinars run from noon-1PM (MST)

November 2nd: Co-operative Strategies that can grow your business save you money,

If your enterprise is looking to reduce costs, increase productivity, and build a strong work culture, then this 45-minute lunch hour webinar is not to be missed. Learn how co-operative strategies can be applied in your business, not for profit, or community.

Hosted by Seth Leon, Manager of Co-operative Services; Alberta Community and Co-operative Association

November 9th: Member Loyalty Programs: Enhance member value while supporting local business

North Parkland Power REA (NPP) has increased value to their members offering loyalty discounts to a range of local businesses. This strategy also connects their co-op to the local business community in a meaningful way. Learn how NPP devised and executed on this strategy, and the key actions needed to get started in your community.

Hosted by Andrea LaBrie, Member-Owner Representative; North Parkland Power REA ltd.

November 16th: As Local As Possible: Craft Brewing in Alberta

Alberta’s craft beer industry is exploding, having tripled in size over the past few years. Growth continues, all over Alberta, in an industry that has deep roots in the history of the province. Where has the industry come from and where will it go? How can your community play its part in making brewing a signature industry for Alberta?

Hosted by Terry Rock, Executive Director; Alberta Small Brewers Association

November 23rd:  Local Investing & Community Economic DevelopmentLearn about how to invest locally, raise capital for your local business, and how to grow your local economy. Recent changes to investment rules in Alberta will soon make things easier to invest locally and raise money locally. Learn how community economic development can help your business do well, and do good. This webinar will help frame local opportunities with long-term economic growth, opportunities to maximize your impact, access tax benefits, and mobilize growing networks.

Hosted by Courtney Hare, Public Policy Manager; Momentum

November 30th: How inclusive spaces increase market share and build stronger businesses

Creating welcoming spaces strengthen brand identity and improve customer experience. This webinar explains how to develop accessible and inclusive spaces that will help your business grow. Learn how to maximize your marketing and strengthen your brand. This webinar will also touch on project management for creating accessible spaces, and how to access grants.

Hosted by Sean Crump CEO and Head Chair; Universal Access

Decolonial Epistemologies Dialogue Circle

Word cloud with spanish text: "Epistemologias Decoloniales." Image of globe with Don Quixote and windmill on top. Text: "Universidad del buen vivir. Campańa por un curriculum global de la economía social solidaria."Presentations and dialogues with Aline Mendonca from the Popular University of Social Movements (PUSM), Turco Abdala from the Asociación Familias con Identidad Huertera (AFIH), Emily Kawano from the Solidarity Economy US Network and Xavi Palos from Xarxa Economia Solidària (XES) – World Social Forum Transformative Economies (WSFTE). Organized by the International Collective University Buen Vivir -Education Network and Solidarity Social Economy: Claudia Alvarez, Alejandro Tombesi and collaboration of Celeste Osess.

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Procurement for Social Value Suppliers

Text: "Procurement training for social value suppliers. Become bid ready, grow your impact, learn and connect with others. A 4 week virtual training with interactive activities, customized coaching and the final result - your own bid book!"Buy Social Canada is excited to be offering a series of workshops this year as part of the SUPER Project.
The Procurement for Social Value Suppliers four-part workshop begins on May 6, 2021 and Buy Social Canada is accepting applications now.
This workshop is for you if:

  • You are a social value supplier. You could be a social enterprise, a diverse-owned business or you could incorporate social value creation in your business activities.
  • You sell goods or services which can be bought by businesses, governments or institutions. These purchasers are thinking about your social value creation when they consider what to buy.
  • You are ready to learn about procurement and grow into opportunities that can mean big contracts, and therefore big social value creation!

The workshop structure:

  • 2 hour sessions via zoom, once per week for 4 weeks
  • 1-2 hours of homework each week
  • Small group cohorts for optimized learning experience
  • Customized coaching for success on your social procurement learning journey
  • Finish the course with a bid library and the skills to find and win contracts

$60 per participant. The workshops are funded in part by the Government of Canada’s Social Development Partnerships Program.  

Find out more and apply today!

Confident Cooperative Facilitation

Icon of worker on computer with text: "Attend the free webinar: confident cooperative leadership (you don't need all the answers to be a great leader). Online. Tues, April 13th, 3:30-4:30 pm EDT. Featuring lessons from the cooperative leadership certification program. Learn more and reserve your spot."For a strong and resourceful spring, attend to your facilitation and leadership!

Have you or your team been faced with: burnout, disconnect, lack of accountability, and frustrating meetings? Has this been all the harder with remote work and pandemic stress?

Join to take the energy of spring to turn these challenging realities into resourced and human-centered collaboration by facilitating with more:

  • Greater connection
  • Attunement to ourselves
  • Alignment and accountability in our team
  • Effective progress together
  • Joyful, productive, relevant, and good meetings!
  • Meaningful cooperation

In this session, you’ll get tools, reframes, and guiding practices for confident cooperative facilitation (remote and in-person). We all know leadership isn’t about being in charge anymore or having all the answers. AND We know that sometimes our facilitators have all the best intentions to be collaborative, but that’s easier said than done!

You’ll learn some key processes for human-centered and cooperative group practices that apply equally well in remote and in-person settings. You’ll leave with greater resources for yourself and your team to face the challenges we’ve all been experiencing and use those difficulties as catalysts for more meaningful and effective work.

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Digital Marketing Specialist

Part time, 2-3 days per week
$27 per hour

Buy Social Canada is a social enterprise with a mission to advance and grow social procurement. We believe that the purchasing of goods and services, and major development and construction projects are much more than an economic transaction, much more than the construction of a physical structure, they are a means to build community capital, the foundation of a healthy community, contributing to a local community social and economic goals.

22 Apr 2021


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