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Overseas positions in Bolivia (5)

Interested in working overseas in micro credit, distance education or community economic development?

Canadian Crossroads International (CCI's) Western Regional Office is accepting applications for overseas positions in Bolivia. These are positions that receive a modest stipend while overseas and have all related travel and living expenses covered. Apply NOW as the deadline is June 25th!

25 Jun 2008

Position - Aboriginal Community Development Officer (Four full-time positions available)

Aboriginal Community Development Officer

Department Name: Correctional Service of Canada
Edmonton, Prince Albert, Saskatoon, Winnipeg
Reference Number: PEN08J-002405-000722
Web site:
For further information on the
department, please visit Correctional Service
of Canada.
Only on-line applications are accepted.
Closing Date: June 15, 2008 - 23:59, Pacific Time

15 Jun 2008

Position: Chinook Lodge Coordinator

Chinook Lodge Coordinator - Full Time

The Centre for Academic Learner Services has a challenging leadership position available in the Chinook Lodge Aboriginal Resource Centre.


Reporting to the Dean, Centre for Academic Learner Services, the Chinook Lodge Coordinator:

* serves as the primary link between SAIT program areas, corporate sponsors, Aboriginal students specifically, and the Aboriginal community in general

4 Jul 2008


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