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Social Innovation Masterclass Program Coordinator

The Canadian Community Economic Development Network (CCEDNet) is inviting applications for the position of Social Innovation Masterclass Program Coordinator, supporting the delivery of a newly developing module of CCEDNet’s Community Leadership Program focused on social innovation (SI) and social finance (SF) from a community-based perspective.

$23.51 / hr
25 Jan 2021

Webinar: Policy & Advocacy 101

10:00am - 11:00am Pacific
11:00am - 12:00pm Mountain
12:00pm - 1:00pm Central
1:00pm - 2:00pm Eastern
2:00pm - 3:00pm Atlantic
2:30pm - 3:30pm Newfoundland

Community Economic Development (CED) initiatives are, by definition, local solutions to local issues.  Many of us working at the community level are not directly involved in policy and advocacy work on a provincial or national scale.  But, whether we like it or not, our work can be impacted by political forces at play globally, nationally, and provincially.  If we want to make lasting change, policy and advocacy work is vital.  

If you know change is needed but you don’t know where to start, or if you are new to the policy and advocacy realm, then this webinar is for you.  We will discuss public policy and how it works, and go over the key components of an advocacy strategy.  This webinar will be applicable whether your work is at the local, provincial, or national level.

Please join us on January 14!


PowerPoint Presentation

Beyond Co-operation: The Power of Business as a Force for Good

Poster image proudly presenting the sixth annual The MacPherson Talks12:30 - 1:30 p.m. CST

Co-operatives are guided by their principles and values to balance purpose and profits, while serving their members and communities. Our future requires significant action on climate resilience, meaningful engagement in reconciliation, eliminating racism and discrimination, and ending poverty and homelessness. Will the co-operative principles achieve those outcomes, or do co-operatives need to do more? Using Assiniboine Credit Union as an example, Brendan’s talk looks at how the Benefit Corporation (B Corp) designation can strengthen co-operatives and advance a vision of a sustainable future of belonging and dignity for all.

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Brendan Reimer is Assiniboine Credit Union’s Strategic Partner of Values-Based Banking. Brendan is also the co-chair of the Canadian Credit Union Association’s Community Impact Committee, and volunteers as a board member with both SEED Winnipeg and the Manitoba Real Estate Foundation Shelter Foundation. Brendan is a passionate educator and organizer dedicated to creating inclusive, fairer, and more sustainable economies and communities and has worked effectively with academia, governments, private sector, and community organizations in advancing that vision.

For more information on Beyond Co-operation: The Power of Business as a Force for Good

The MacPherson Talks honour the late Dr. Ian MacPherson, one of the leading lights of the international cooperative movement. Historian, educator, author, and passionate co-operator, Ian personified the relationship between Canadian co-operative academics and co-op practitioners. The MacPherson Talks are held annually by the Canadian Centre for the Study of Co-operatives.

Special Projects Officer

The Alberta Community and Co-operative Association (ACCA) is the provincial trade association for co-operatives and credit unions. Our mission is a strong co-operative sector, and we work towards this ambitious goal by promoting the co-operative business structure, creating connections, supporting the co-operative sector, and inspiring co-operative innovation. Working with our strategic partner the BC Co-operative Association, we are seeking an intern for a six-month position for the first half of 2021.

14 Dec 2020

Data Governance and Data Trust: Opportunities in the Civil Law Tradition of Quebec

Banner with webinar title and organizational logos12pm - 1pm Eastern Time

This webinar by Open North and TIESS will share results from research in the emerging field of data governance. Speakers will dive into models and dimensions that embody the public interest, while allowing for collective appropriation and multi-stakeholder collaboration.

Sarah Gagnon-Turcotte, Director of the Applied Research Lab at Open North, will discuss the role of data governance in the current socio-technical landscape. Based on Open North’s most recent research on open smart cities and data partnerships, she will show how responsible, effective and accountable data governance is key to alleviate citizens’ concerns related to data privacy and unlock the potential of data collaboration.

Jessica Leblanc, Project Manager at TIESS, will discuss the idea of a data trust and its potential to steward data according to the interests of a group of actors or in the general interest. A data trust is generally understood as a legal structure that provides independent stewardship of data and aims to promote data sharing for social or business purposes. She will then explore the potential of Quebec’s trust law (fiducie) to encompass the core idea of data trust.

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