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Worldbuilding the Feminist Future: Envisioning a Feminist Economy

Image of Alex McDowell's Worldbuilding Mandala If we were to design a feminist economy around our own feminist values, desires, and visions, what might it be like?

  • What would this economy value? Focus on? Call a success?
  • What would it feel like to live here, create community here, build a family here?
  • If you could design a feminist economy around your own values, desires, and visions, what might it be like?
  • Over the course of two workshops, participants will explore a few practices of worldbuilding and visioning to help us envision the feminist future.

Workshop One: Worldbuilding the Feminist Economy

Participants will start with the big picture. In the first workshop, participants will build a larger, more “macro” world, the world in which feminist enterprises work with each other, along with communities, governments (maybe), society, families, and other groups of people, as well as the flora, fauna, and physical matter of our planet, to create a world devoid of oppression where everyone and everything can flourish. With this workshop, we’ll be the most speculative, inviting ourselves to play with ideas, and imagining an economy that’s really far out and fully functioning in 2040.

Workshop Two: Worldbuilding a Feminist Enterprise, will be held on Monday, Sept. 14.

What is worldbuilding?

Worldbuilding is an activity used by futurists and by writers of speculative fiction to create a context for their storytelling. They unpack their imaginations to create the larger worlds in which their programs, characters and/or plot will unfold.

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Nonprofit Driven 2020

Banner image with Nonprofit Driven 2020 logoBe bold. Drive change. Join hundreds of nonprofit and community leaders and policy makers at the largest public policy forum for Ontario’s nonprofit sector. 

Ontario’s nonprofit sector is a positive force on the frontlines of community challenges and opportunities, providing on-the-ground solutions to improve people’s lives.

Let’s be bold and take this momentum to the next level. Nonprofit Driven 2020 is two days of vital collaboration and connections to explore solutions to public policy opportunities alongside nonprofit leaders from across the sector. 

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Participation Summit on Partnerism

Flyer image with details on Partnerism summitBuilding a more caring economy has been in the mainstream news lately in progressive politics. The Center for Partnership Studies, sponsor of the Make Partnerism Mainstream campaign, is hosting the August 20 virtual Partnerism Participation Summit—learn how you can be an active part of launching a nationwide Partnerism movement that supports new, caring economic policies and closes the gap on systemic inequality.

Volunteers are organizing to grow the methods originated in Riane Eisler’s work that show us that we CAN create caring systems that help everyone flourish.

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