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Director of Operations

North American Students of Cooperation (NASCO) is accepting applications for a position as Director of Operations. Established in 1968 by members of student housing cooperatives, NASCO is a bi-national membership association of non-profit cooperatives in the US and Canada.

With nearly 60 member cooperatives representing 3,000 cooperators, NASCO is seeking a skilled and committed person to provide key support to the organization. This position includes bookkeeping and financial reporting, human resources management, strategic planning, and administration.

19 Mar 2017

Synergia Summer Institute

Synergia Summer InstituteThe Synergia Summer Institute is 2 weeks in duration. It will take place from July 10 - 21, 2017 at Monte Ginezzo in Tuscany. The total number of course hours is 80, making the course eligible for university course credit. The course instruction will be in English.

Around the world today, there is a universal sense that we are living through a unique moment in history. Rarely before has the need for systemic change been more obvious or more urgent. The economic and social crisis that continues to unfold across the globe requires a new vision of political economy that can offer a truly progressive alternative to the neoliberal paradigm that is un-
dermining the civil and democratic foundations of our societies and the economic and social well being of individuals and their communities.

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For change makers the world over, the challenges to be faced are global – yet the solutions must be effective locally. The interface of global knowledge with local practice has thus become the nexus for transformative social change in our time.

Synergia is an international network of individuals and organizations that unites academics, social activists, practitioners and policy makers in a common effort to articulate, advocate, and implement models of economic and social practice that transition societies to a new model of political economy. One that is sustainable, democratic, socially just, and based on the principles of co-operation and the common good.

Download the 2017 Brochure here

The Gig Economy

The Gig Economy Webinar2pm to 3pm Eastern Time

Presently, 36 million independent workers in the United States work outside the traditional employer-employee model. By 2020 this number is projected to swell to between 50 and 75 million.

This Stanford Social Innovation Review (SSIR) webinar, The Gig Economy, will explore the following: 

  • Map the current and emerging landscape of independent work
  • Identify the most promising and troubling elements of independent work
  • Generate ideas on what could make independent work more stable and sustainable for workers, especially vulnerable and/or lower skilled workers
  • Highlight promising innovations that are already underway and might be ripe for scaling
  • Share strategies for supporting independent workers and dig into some of the most promising innovations

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This webinar is highly relevant for social entrepreneurs, researchers, philanthropists, policy makers, leaders of private and public businesses, and, of course, independent workers themselves. It is inspired by SSIR's article, "The Freedom, Insecurity, and Future of Independent Work" and brought to you in conjunction with The Bridgespan Group. 

Thanks to the generosity of The Rockefeller Foundation, this webinar is complimentary. Registration to this webinar will include access to the live webinar, unlimited access to the webinar as many times as you’d like for twelve months at your convenience, and downloadable slides. 

Successful Self-organization: Sociocracy in worker-owned coops

Successful self-organization. Sociocracy in worker-owned coops12:00pm Eastern Time

How can worker co-operatives be equals in their decision-making without sacrificing effectiveness? Blue Scorcher Bakery has been organizing themselves using sociocracy with great success, and will share their experiences in this webinar. Diane from NCDC is on their board (top circle) and will be available as well.

Interviews with

See a case study on their implementation here.

You will receive a zoom link within 24h after registration.
($5 recommended donation)

Development Associate

New Economy Coalition (NEC) is seeking a permanent Development Associate. The Development Associate plays a critical role in raising resources to sustain NEC’s work. Reporting to the Development Director, the Development Associate will have a leadership role in grants management, donor outreach and management, and overall department administration.

7 Nov 2016

Medicinal Plants Target Market Analyst - Volunteer in Peru

This is a 6 month placement in Peru that starts in Nov-Jan (flexible, ongoing)
Spanish/French fluency required
Open to Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents only

Start Date: 
Thu, 10/13/2016
30 Jan 2017


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