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Government Funding for Business Startups: Get the Strategic Information You Need

It is easy to get lost in the crowd of governmental financing programs.

What are the various accesses to these financing programs? How do they work? Are they intended for you?

Match the strengths of your business to available opportunities. To do this effectively, you need to collect, screen and analyze information about the business environment.

The most important consideration in developing an effective approach to forecasting and planning is not solely depending on the internet to find information, but finding the right information quickly with the most relevant business information resources available.

This webinar will cover:

  • how to efficiently gather market information on-line to assist you in developing your business plan and marketing strategy;
  • how and where to seek financing;
  • how to find information on your competitors to determine the viability of your venture in a designated market;
  • how to determine what new information you'll need overtime as your situation and environment changes.

12:00 - 12:45 pm Eastern time | Welcome/Presentation
12:45 - 01:00 pm Eastern time | Questions & Answers

The CEDEC Small Business Support Network is an initiative of the Community Economic Development and Employability Corporation (CEDEC).

CEDEC is funded by the Enabling Fund for Official Language Minority Communities and by the Government of Canada.Webinar participation is FREE, but registration is required. 

Once registered, you will receive the access

instructions for webinar participation.

Guest Speakers:


Ameyo Komlan

Market Information Agent

Ressources Entreprises


Ameyo graduated in Information Sciences at Pantheon Sorbonne University in France. Specialized in scientific and technological intelligence and competitive intelligence, she carried out several missions in companies such as L’Oréal, Total, Johnson&Johnson in France before settling in Quebec. Ressources Entreprises is a non-profit organization offering business information to the entrepreneurs in Eastern Quebec. View Ameyo's LinkedIn profile.

Hari Randrianarisoa


Info-Conseil PME

Ressources Entreprises


Hari holds a PhD in Engineering Science and has a strong knowledge in technology transfer. He is a Business Development professional with more than 12 years of related experience in academia and industry, focused on supporting innovative SME's and R&D intensive companies in their technology development through research partnerships. Through program delivery and referrals to other funding opportunities and Research and Innovation stakeholders, he has contributed to the long-term sustainability and of many start-ups and SME's in various sectors. View Hari's LinkedIn profile.


Strengths, Challenges and Opportunities of Farm and Food co-ops in Eastern Canada

September 11th, 2013
12:00 - 1:00PM
Eastern time

Lunch 'N Learn Webinar: "Strengths, Challenges and Opportunities of Farm and Food co-ops in Eastern Canada"
Presenter: Andrew Alford

This short report will provide a quick glimpse to small-scale farm and food co-ops across Eastern Canada (i.e., Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia). There will also be an in-depth focus on farm and food co-ops located in Ontario. It is composed of co-op visits that took place during the summer of 2013.

About the Speaker

Over the past two years, he has dedicated his time to learning and practicing ecological agriculture on small-scale farms in the Guelph area. Recently, he has shown a keen interest to co-operative business structures - especially when it incorporates healthy, local food! He has committed the summer of 2013 to studying and supporting smallscale farm and food co-ops across Eastern Canada. In the near future, Andrew is interested in farming co-operatively and involving himself in local food policy.

Co-op Conversions: Profiling the Aron Theatre and Moonbeam Co-operative

August 14th, 2013
11:30AM TO 1:00PM Eastern time

Lunch N' Learn Webinar: "Co-op Conversions: Profiling the Aron Theatre and Moonbeam Co-operative"
Presenters: Russ Christianson, Independent Co-op Developer & Christian Howald, Co-op Developer, CCO

As part of our "Profiling New and Emerging Co-ops" mini series, Russ and Christian will review the origins, successes, challenges, learnings and future steps of two businesses that were transformed into co-operatives to ensure their local communities continued to thrive.

About the Speakers

Russ Christianson is the President and founder of Rhythm Communications. He has a broad range of experience in strategic positioning, market research, feasibility studies, business planning, management systems, facilitation, and multi-stakeholder consultations. Russ is the developer of Whole Systems Feedback, a unique motivational research methodology.

Since 2010, Christian Howald is the Northern Ontario co-operative development agent for a francophone co-operative association that was founded in 1964: the CCO (le Conseil de la coopération de l’Ontario).Christian acquired a master’s degree in applied social research for which he specialized in community social and economic development in Northern Ontario: teaching people to work together. His passion for developing Northern Ontario comes from his children, who unless the system changes, will be forced to leave the region like so many others.

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How to Track and Analyze the Critical Numbers of Your Business

If you're someone who is a bit intimidated by accounting… we organized this webinar with you in mind.

Understanding the source/origin of the numbers and how to manipulate and analyze them is the key to overcoming the fear of accounting terminology and complexity.
The simple truth is that you don't need an MBA or an in-depth understanding of double-entry accounting to know which numbers are the most critical to the health of your business and that deserve your keen attention. These numbers are your ultimate scorecard.
We'll do a review of the basic financial documents that track the flow of money within your business. Most critical numbers live on the following documents:

  • Balance Sheet
  • Income Statement
  • Cash Flow Statement

We'll also focus on key profitability terms such as tracking your Gross Margin and Net Income and learn some key ratios.
One of the most important reasons to organize your financial information is to stay on top of your taxes so as to avoid any liability issues.

Webinar participation is FREE, but registration is required.


  • 12:00 - 12:45 pm Eastern time | Welcome/Presentation
  • 12:45 - 01:00 pm | Questions & Answers

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About the Guest Speakers:

Lewis Nozetz, M.B.A.
Executive and Process Improvement Consultant

LCN Solutions Management Consulting

Lewis is a C-Level Operations Optimizer and Strategic Relationship Builder who:

  • implements industry best practices;
  • creates and implements financial initiatives;
  • implements reporting dashboards that provide critical financial data for effective decision-making;
  • increases cash flow by 20% via effective foreign exchange strategies.

Also in collaboration with:

Ellis Basevitz, C.A.
Senior Consultant
PSB Boisjoli, LLP

As a founder of the firm, I owe my success to my ability to establish lasting relationships with clients and business partners. I am known for my passion and enthusiasm for problem solving, providing original and creative ideas that help clients to save money and grow their assets. My services are based on mutual trust, knowing how to listen to and understand the needs and objectives of our clients, and becoming their partner in the development of short and long term strategies, whether personal or in business.


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