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Training And Development Facilitator - Volunteer in Peru

Location Lima, Peru

Start Date Jul - Sep 2018 (flexible)

Length of Placement 12 Months

Language Requirements Spanish

The Volunteer’s Role

We are looking for someone passionate about training, coaching and group facilitation!

Monthly Stipend, flights, accommodation, etc
Start Date: 
Sat, 07/07/2018
7 Jul 2018

Organizational Development Advisor - Volunteer in Honduras

Location: Atlantida, Honduras
Start Date: Jun - Aug 2018 (flexible)
Length of Placement: 12 Months
Language Requirements: Spanish, English

Please submit a Spanish Cover Letter and Statement of Interest  

Open to Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents only  

The Volunteer’s Role

Live in the capital of Honduras and contribute to the living conditions of rural populations throughout the country!

Monthly Stipend, flights, accommodation, etc
Start Date: 
Sun, 07/15/2018
15 Jul 2018

When Is Collective Impact Most Impactful

Using Insights from the Collective Impact Cross-Site Study to Improve Your Impact

Collective Impact Forum3:00pm to 4:30pm Eastern Time

What do we know about the practices that lead to positive systems and population changes in collective impact initiatives?

Join us on Tuesday, May 15 from 3pm – 4:30pm ET for this free webinar to explore actionable insights gleaned from an in-depth study of 25 collective impact sites. We will discuss what we learned about the implementation of the collective impact approach, the ways in which equity practices and capacity contribute to outcomes, and how early changes and system changes contribute to population level impact.

Register for When is Colletive Impact Most Impactful

Webinar Presenters

  • Terri Akey, Director, ORS Impact
  • Lauren Gase, Senior Researcher, Spark Policy Institute
  • Jennifer Splansky Juster, Executive Director, Collective Impact Forum
  • Sarah Stachowiak, CEO, ORS Impact \

We'll be taking questions in the webinar's "chat box" so pleases bring your questions about what YOU would like to hear about.

Can't make the actual webinar time? Registering also means you'll be notified when this session is uploaded to the Collective Impact Forum resource library.

Webinar Resources:

We hope you will come join the discussion on May 15!

Building a Solidarity Economy

Transition United States2pm Eastern Time

Cooperation Humboldt exists to develop a solidarity economy across the North Coast. They identify, support and nurture local cooperative economic efforts that help people meet their needs without exploiting or oppressing anyone, without being exploited or oppressed by anyone, and commit to do so in an ecologically sustainable manner.

In this webinar, Cooperation Humboldt co-founder David Cobb will describe their theory of change, their program areas and concrete projects, and how they engage local elections to advance their agenda as a 501(c)(3).

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David is a "people's lawyer" who has sued corporate polluters, lobbied elected officials, run for political office himself, and been arrested for non-violent civil disobedience. He believes we must provoke—and win—a peaceful revolution if we are to survive.

David was born in rural Texas and worked as a laborer before going to college and ​then ​law school. He maintained a successful law practice before devoting himself to full-time social change efforts.

In 2002, David ran for Attorney General of Texas, pledging to use the office to revoke the charters of corporations that repeatedly violate health, safety and environmental laws. In 2004, he ran for President of the United States on the Green Party ticket and forced a recount in Ohio that helped launch the Election Integrity movement. 

In 2010 he co-founded Move To Amend, a campaign for a constitutional amendment to abolish the illegitimate, court-created doctrines of "corporate constitutional rights" and "money equals speech." In 2016 he served as the Campaign Manager for Jill Stein's presidential campaign.

In addition to his work at Cooperation Humboldt, he serves as a Fellow for the Liberty Tree Foundation ​where he facilitates "Movement School for Revolutionaries."

Forming Cooperatives Webinar

Forming Cooperatives Webinar1:00pm to 2:00pm Eastern Time

In our third of five webinars, our speakers will introduce the steps involved in forming a cooperative including deciding on its legal entity, cooperative finances, and governance and decision making.

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Ro McIntyre, Red Emma’s Cafe and Bookstore
Ro has been a worker-owner at Red Emma’s Cafe & Bookstore for 4 years. Through their work at Red Emma’s they co-founded Baltimore Roundtable for Economic Democracy (BRED), a local loan fund for worker-cooperative. BRED provides high touch technical assistance paired with non-extractive financing to help co-ops grow & thrive. Ro is currently the Educational Director at BRED and is happily spreading the good word of cooperatives in Maryland.

Annie Sullivan-Chin, A Bookkeeping Cooperative
Annie has been a worker-owner, bookkeeper, and consultant at A Bookkeeping Cooperative since 2013. She began her work with ABC as an intern with the Democracy At Work Network, helping ABC craft its cooperative bylaws and operations protocols. She is now a certified DAWN Peer Advisor, providing customized technical assistance to worker-owned and democratically-managed organizations throughout the country.


Yvonne Yen Liu, Solidarity Research Center
Yvonne is the co-founder and research director of Solidarity Research Center, a worker self-directed nonprofit that advances solidarity economies. She serves on the board of the US Solidarity Economy Network and was named the 2018 Activist-in-Residence Fellow at the UCLA Asian American Studies Center.

Parag Rajendra Khandhar, Asian American Solidarity Economies Project
Parag is a founding principal of Gilmore Khandhar, LLC, a law firm focused on legal, policy, and advocacy tools to advance economic justice, racial equity, and social transformation. He teaches at George Washington University Law School. Parag co-founded Baltimore Activating Solidarity Economies (BASE) and the Asian American Solidarity Economies Network (AASE).

Transition to Cooperative Commonwealth: A Political Economy for People & Planet (Tuscany)

Transition to Cooperative Commonwealth - Italy

Located Located on Monte Ginezzo outside the Etruscan hill town of Cortona in Tuscany, the Synergia Summer Institute offers an intensive program of exploration, instruction, dialogue, and practical training on transition models for the realization of an ethical economy for people and planet.

The Synergia Summer Institute applies the knowledge and practice of co-operation, economic democracy, political ecology, and the commons to address the central issues of sustainability and social wellbeing at local, regional and global levels.

Register for Transition to Cooperative Commonwealth

The overarching focus of the Synergia program is to answer the question: What is the ethical economy and how does it work in the context of ecological limits? The course will provide a critical overview of the contours of this new political economy and the mechanisms required for its realization.

Pedagogically, the Synergia program seeks to maximize collaboration among participants, to promote relationships of dialogue, debate, knowledge sharing and learning, and to offer the broadest possible access and sharing of knowledge and resources. Above all, the course is designed to facilitate the application of ideas and learning to practical use.

Deadline to register: May 27th

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