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Transition to Cooperative Commonwealth: A Political Economy for People & Planet (Spain)

Transition to Cooperative CommonwealthLocated in the historic town of Osuna on the campus of the Escuela de la Economic Social in Andalusia, the Synergia Summer Institute offers an intensive program of exploration, instruction, dialogue, and practical training on transition models for the realization of an ethical economy for people and planet.

The Synergia Summer Institute applies the knowledge and practice of co-operation, economic democracy, political ecology, and the commons to address the central issues of sustainability and social wellbeing at local, regional and global levels.

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The overarching focus of the Synergia program is to answer the question: What is the ethical economy and how does it work in the context of ecological limits? The course will provide a critical overview of the contours of this new political economy and the mechanisms required for its realization.

Pedagogically, the Synergia program seeks to maximize collaboration among participants, to promote relationships of dialogue, debate, knowledge sharing and learning, and to offer the broadest possible access and sharing of knowledge and resources. Above all, the course is designed to facilitate the application of ideas and learning to practical use.

A key feature of the course is the blending of lectures and workshops with site visits to leading cooperatives and commons activities in Andalusia, home to some innovative examples of co-operative economic development in the world.

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Soul of the Next Economy Forum

Soul of the Next Economy Forum

Ambrose University 
150 Ambrose Circle Southwest

The Soul of the Next Economy Forum is where business, the non-profit sector, government, and educational institutions converge to change the way we do business and impact society.

Fueled through innovation, collaboration and corporate social responsibility, we come together to:

  • learn about local and global social and development challenges
  • connect with peers, industry experts and other sectors addressing these challenges
  • engage in sustainable business oriented solutions to these challenges

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The Forum focuses on: social responsibility, economic empowerment, sustainable development, social entrepreneurship, and business and non-profit collaboration. 

Join them on September 28 and 29, 2018 for lively panel discussions, informative sessions, networking opportunities and thought-provoking keynote speakers.

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Please contact them directly for group rates of 5 people or more, or for more information about Executive Roundtable Supporter or other Sponsorship opportunities.

Global Social Economy Forum

GSEF 2018This is the 4th edition of the Global Social Economy Forum (GSEF) that was initiated by the City of Seoul in 2013, in collaboration with its local social economy partners. The 2014 edition, held once again in the South Korean capital, culminated in the founding of the GSEF as a permanent international association uniting local governments and civil society stakeholders that recognize the Social Economy as a key factor in local economic development. In 2016, the City of Montréal and the Chantier de l’Économie Sociale co-organized the forum in Montréal showcasing the collaboration between local governments and Social Economy actors for the development of cities. The 4th edition of the Global Social Economy Forum GSEF2018 will take place in Bilbao.

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GSEF is an international network that brings together local governments and civil society stakeholders committed to supporting the development of the Social Economy (SE).

GSEF aims to serve as a hub for sharing visions and experiences through cross-border collaboration and cooperation based on multilateral partnerships for an inclusive, equitable and human centered world for all of us.

Through the collaboration between social economy organizations and local governments, the GSEF pursues creation of quality jobs, fair growth, progress of grassroots democracy, and sustainable development. Values such as human dignity and sustainable ecology are to be the underlying principles for every activity of the GSEF.

CommonBound 2018

CommonBound 2018On June 22-24, 2018, over 700 people across the new economy movement will come together in St. Louis, MO for CommonBound 2018 to connect with one another, share our resources, and demonstrate our power in creating systems that truly meet the needs of our communities.

In past years, CommonBound has answered the questions of what is a new economy, why do we need one, and who is it building it. Next July, CommonBound will connect these threads and focus on another question: How do we build a new economy?

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CommonBound will bring together movement leaders, activists, and organizations from across North America to create a space for planning, strategizing, and movement building. The conference will feature a combination of network gatherings, closed and open work/strategy sessions, trainings, listening sessions, workshops, debates, and other formats exploring a range of topics through thematic tracks.

We’ve learned and built on CommonBound 2016’s decentralized planning model (inspired by the Allied Media Conference). This year, NEC staff will work with our 200 member groups and allies to curate tracks so that the conference programming is shaped and reflects the communities and thought leaders building the new economy movement.

CommonBound is taking place in St. Louis, Missouri, a city where local organizing is creating a vibrant and burgeoning new economy. NEC is thrilled to partner with Solidarity Economy St. Louis, a network of St. Louis organizations and individuals, to plan CommonBound 2018 and ensure it both adds fuel to local organizers’ efforts and grounds visitors in the critical work happening there.

We already know that our current economy is built on theft, exploitation and oppression. Every day, our communities are faced with an onslaught of violence and repression. Just one month ago, yet another police officer was acquitted in the murder of Anthony Lamar Smith, sparking protests from thousands of people across St. Louis. But we also know that we are brilliant and capable of shaping a different world, that we can come together to create, resist, and transform ourselves and our realities.

Let's Connect the Dots! Effective Change Management for Organizations

9:00 am to 12:00 pm
United Way of Winnipeg Learning Centre
1st floor, 580 Main St.
CCEDNet Mbrs: $25 | Non-Members: $75

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How do you manage program changes and transitions within your organization without losing service users or employees along the way?  

Whether you're a social enterprise or a non-profit organization, effectively managing change for stakeholders can be a challenge.  This workshop will explore the basics of managing organizational transitions and the benefit of incorporating change management techniques into organizational planning. Participants will dive into the 3 pillars of effective change management, learn how to communicate changes and minimize resistance for clients and service users, and explore what it takes to be a 'change leader' within your organization or business to develop a culture of change.

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In 2017, Monica Schroeder started Night Sky Consulting, with a focus on communication and change management for small businesses and non-profit organizations.  With 15 years of experience working in community development and a degree in Non-Profit Management, Monica draws on her varied experiences  in program development within the social enterprise sector, as well as organizations working with people with disabilities.   

Monica is herself no stranger to change and transition - after living in Toronto for 10 years, she moved back to Winnipeg in 2014 and has been studying Change Management at the University of Manitoba.  Whether it's grant-writing or creating change management plans, Monica brings her skills in communication and her passion for designing a way forward.  

Sales And Branding Advisor - Volunteer in Peru

Location Lima, Peru

Start Date   Dec 2017 - Feb 2018 (flexible)

Length of Placement 12 Months

Language Requirements  Spanish

The Volunteer’s Role

Join the powerful and dedicated staff of Movimiento Manuela Ramos and work towards a better more equal Peru for women and female youth in the capital city of Lima!

Monthly stipend, flights, accommodation, medical insurance, etc
Start Date: 
Thu, 02/15/2018
15 Feb 2018


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